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September 29, 2007

Health Q&A

Alleviating adult acne, battling yeast infections, the importance of pap tests, and dying your hair while pregnant.

Dying hair while pregnant

I am 6 months pregnant and feel like crap. I feel like I need a change and was wondering if it’s dangerous to dye my hair.


Hi Karin,

I’m sorry to hear that you don’t feel well during your pregnancy but appreciate your honesty. Too often, I hear women going on and on about how fantastic it is and I didn’t feel like it was that fantastic, either.

Now, onto your question. Although there have not been many studies conducted on pregnant women dying their hair, studies of women dying their hair in general showed that only a minimal amount was absorbed by the human system. Thus, very little chemical, if any at all, would get to your baby. Nevertheless, err on the side of caution and consult with your OBGYN before making any moves.

Take care,

Adult onset acne

I am well into my 30s and I still have acne. I have tried everything from over-the-counter medications to high end beauty serums that promise to rejuvenate the skin. I have even done a facial peel, which left me with nothing more than a shiny acne-ridden face. Please help, any advice you could offer is appreciated.


Hi Rinna,

To start, I think you need to find yourself a dermatologist. It’s time you stopped wasting time and money on quick-fix promises and opt for something more long-term in the ways of resolving your acne problem.

Depending on your age and allergies, he may recommend something as simple as a topical solution to something more drastic like Accutane (a pill that is taken daily for a given amount of time).

Also, keep in mind that acne is caused by hormonal reactions in the body. Other factors that can cause pimples and acne include poor diet, stress, sun, and drugs.

In the meantime, don’t play with your face (to avoid scarring) and focus on taking care of your inside in the way of nutrition and health.


Constant yeast infections

I get yeast infections constantly. I’ve been douching and using over-the-counter medications to get rid of it, but nothing seems to work anymore. Please help!


Hi Itchy,

First off, I recommend that you stop douching immediately; it removes necessary bacteria from the vagina and may be the cause of your consistent yeast infections. Gynecologists advise against the use of douches and there’s a valid reason why.

Go to your gynecologist and make sure you do, indeed, have a yeast infection and nothing else. Then, try a home remedy for your yeast infection instead. Purchase some plain yogurt (make sure it contains no sugar at all and its first ingredient is bacterial cultures) and some tampons. Dip the tampon into the yogurt and then place the tampon inside your vagina. The discomfort should dissipate almost immediately and the infection should disappear within a few days.


Pap tests for virgins?

I am 26 years old and still a virgin, but my friends keep insisting that I need to get a Pap test. First of all, what is a Pap test? And second, if I’m not having sex, why do I need to even bother getting my vagina checked?


Hi Tina,

I hate to say it, but your friends are right on. A Pap test (short for Papanikolaou test or Papanicolaou test – named after the Greek doctor who invented it) can literally save your life by detecting the early signs of cervical cancer, which is frighteningly common (13,000 women discovered they had cervical cancer in 2005, and those are just the ones who checked).

If you’re over 21, you should be getting a Pap test every 6 months, so book your appointment now.


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