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March 1, 2009

Man Dies After Viagra-Induced Sex Marathon

Two women in Moscow bet their male friend Sergey Tuganov that he couldn't keep up with them during a 12-hour sex marathon and he took that bet: the wager? $4,300.

So Sergey Tuganov did what any red-blooded man would do and he downed an entire bottle of Viagra and got to work. And guess what? He won. He banged those chicks into next week easily and took home the money. Problem is, he died minutes later.

Alina, one of the two female participants, said they called Moscow police after he fell and passed out but it was already too late. Sergey Tuganov, the 28-year-old mechanic from Moscow, died of a heart attack.

Some men might say that it was pretty good way to go. But I have yet to figure out how anyone could think that downing a bottle of Viagra was a good idea. BTW, the picture above... yeah, that's not them.

January 17, 2009

Sex Toy of the Day - We-Vibe

I'm not a big fan of sex toys to be honest; simply because I feel like they are so blatant and unattractive, but I finally found a toy that is discreet, useful and can be shared with your man without making him feel inadequate. The We-Vibe.

Not only does the We-Vibe come packaged beautifully, the toy inside is small, easy-to-use and provides tons of pleasure.

I tried it alone and with my partner (ah, the things I do for research), and believe you me, orgasms aplenty with this little gadget. You can stick with the clitoral orgasms when you use the We-Vibe alone, and stick the skinny side inside when you use it with your man.

And the We-Vibe even comes with what looks like a specs case that you can keep it in (that way, it stays clean) and you can leave it sitting on your night table and no one will even wonder what it is.

Discretion factor: 5 out of 5
Pleasure factor: 4 out of 5
Cost: 2 out of 5 (it's about $130)

For more informaton on the We-Vibe and where to get it, visit

May 27, 2008

Why Men Cheat

By Brandon Evans

What You Did To Make Him Cheat On You

You know, the other day I was watching an entertainment show that discussed why men cheat on their beautiful celebrity wives and girlfriends. Jude Law (Sienna Miller), Eric Benet (Halle Berry), and Hugh Grant (Elizabeth Hurley) were mentioned, among others, but what struck me was the female announcer’s reaction to why the men cheated.

Reason after reason turned it onto the guy and made him out to be some kind of selfish monster who was unfeeling and unappreciative of what he had. As though the announcer knew each of these women personally and knew that they were perfect, so it had to be some kind of inherent flaw in the men.

If that wasn’t enough, the next day I watched a talk show that discussed why women cheat and guess what? It was always the man’s fault. That’s right. When women cheat, it’s because their men have somehow faltered the relationship and driven them into another man’s arms.

So let me get this straight… when a man cheats, it’s because he’s an a-hole and when a woman cheats, it’s because her man’s an a-hole? Hmm, something’s amiss here.

I am not a cheater in any way, shape or form, and I believe that there are myriad other options besides cheating when someone is unhappy in their situation. But if you have dated a handful of men and they have all cheated on you, isn’t it possible that you are partly to blame for their wandering ways?

Why men cheat

Of course, there are plenty of a-hole men who cheat simply because the getting’s good and they think life is one grand buffet, but there are other men who simply feel driven to it (as I’ve heard many a woman put it when they find themselves being the cheater) for the following reasons.

Why men cheat reason #1
You suck in bed

I know way too many women who are just awful in bed in so many ways. There are the dead lays, the spastic lays, the demanding lays, and the I’m­-doing-you-a-favor lays. I have yet to meet a man who likes any of these types of women.

And yes, he does have the duty of confronting you on your bedside manner, but let’s face it; do you know how difficult it is to tell someone they don’t please you in bed and, in fact, do the exact opposite? Sometimes it’s easier to love the one you’re with and lust with someone else temporarily.

Why men cheat reason #2
You’re a downer

Every time he’s with you, you complain about everything. Your neck hurts, you missed the bus again this morning, your boss hates you, it’s raining, you gained weight, your stomach is upset… ugh! Shut up, will you?

So it’s no wonder that when he meets happy-go-lucky Vanessa at work and she’s always laughing and flirty, that he wants to rip her underwear off with his teeth and give it to her doggy style on the copy machine.

Why men cheat reason #3
You’re always fighting with him

Whether he told your best friend your deepest, darkest secret of forgot to rinse his spoon, everything is a freakin’ battle with you. You spend most of your time together arguing over the most benign things simply because you can’t let anything go.

He starts to feel inadequate at home so when he meets a woman who thinks he’s the greatest thing since ice cream, you can bet your ass that he’ll want to take a bite out of hers.

Why men cheat reason #4
You belittle him

From his body to his smarts, you make fun of your guy to the extent where it’s no longer funny and it’s downright insulting. You make him feel like a loser and take any opportunity to laugh at him.

So when a beautiful woman comes along and engages in long, thoughtful conversations with him and tells him he’s a wonderful man, you can bet that the minute she reaches over to him with her mouth, he’ll have a hard on the size of a baseball bat.

Why men cheat reason #5
You’re fat and ugly

You used to take such good care of yourself and you always looked and smelled like a million bucks. But lately, you’ve put on 40 pounds and stopped caring that your landing strip is looking more like the Amazon jungle.

All day long at work, he watched all the hotties go by looking perfectly coiffed and put together. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you’re downing Doritos and squeezing your zits in front of him. So yeah, when he starts sticking it in another woman, it’s because his imagination simply can’t keep up the charade.

Why men cheat reason #6
He doesn’t feel desired

There was a time when you’d wear sexy lingerie or blast trance music and seduce your man until he thought he was going to ejaculate from every pore on his body. Now all you do is hop out of the shower and lie in bed, waiting for him to “get it over with.”

Men need to feel desired just as much as women do and when they don’t feel it, they tend to wander off looking for that feeling. And there’s a good chance that they’ll find it.

Wondering why men cheat

I didn’t list the obvious reasons women tend to tick off when they try to reconcile why their men wandered into another woman’s arms simply because the clich├ęs have got to go. It’s high time women started taking a modicum of responsibility for why they cheat and why their men cheat.

This isn’t a perfect world nor will it be any time soon, so rather than cross your arms and wallow in self-pity, ask yourself if you could’ve done anything to have prevented the infidelity.

November 27, 2007

Why Men Love Breasts

By Brandon Evans

It happens at least once a day; a girl with big, perky breasts and a plunging neckline walks by me and, for just a moment, all I can see are those two orbs of phenomenal delight and the whole world sighs with pleasure.

It’s true, breasts can make a man lose his train of thought in an instant, but it’s through no fault of his own.

We’re visual creatures who enjoy things of beauty. That’s not to imply that women are things, but rather that anything that is attractive will capture a man’s attention. For some guys, it’s sexy cars, for others it’s sexy women.

In the U.S., most men are breast men and the reason for that probably has a lot to do with the media. Beer commercials use breasts to sell their products, the Girls Gone Wild videos are all about flashing breasts, and implants are very, very popular around these parts.

But why? Why do men love breasts?

Some experts might gather that it has to do with being breastfed, but if that were the case then just as many women would be obsessed with breasts as well. No, I think the reason is a little simpler than that.

Men love breasts because we don’t have any. They’re soft, supple and feminine, and the idea of cupping them with our hands, sucking on the nipple or rubbing the area in between drives home the wild fantasies we have about them.

Add to that the fact that they are easily spotted and that many women use them as a tool to enhance their outfits, and you have yourself the most valid reasoning on earth.

Breasts are up in our faces at every turn, how can we not become mildly obsessed with them? And it’s not as though women help; so many of them tend to flaunt them, wearing bras that give just enough support but not so much that they lose their jiggle. So it’s sort of your fault that men love breasts as much as they do.

Do men love all breasts?

But don’t get me wrong; men don’t love all breasts. And contrary to popular opinion, bigger is not always better. Just as women have standards when it comes to penises, we also have standards, you know.

Saggy breasts
How many times have I taken a woman home only to discover that her perfect and beautiful breasts were nothing more than an illusion? I’ve seen those million-dollar bras come off and the breasts hit the ground. It’s very alarming.

Is it really fair? I mean, isn’t that false advertising? At least when it comes to penises, you have no clue what you’re about to get. But women… women mislead us into believing that their breasts are the most perfect pair on earth only to reveal that it was all smoke and mirrors.

Of course, I can empathize with the fact that the breasts you have are the breasts you’re dealt, but you can’t fault me for being disappointed when you remove your bra and they hit your navel.

Huge breasts
While most women think that men salivate over huge breasts, that’s usually not the case. To start, huge breasts are usually accompanied by huge everything else. Second, the bigger they are, the more they usually sag (see above).

Don’t get me wrong, a big pair of breasts is nice and all, but when they’re so big that they overtake a woman’s upper body, most of us draw the line there.

Veiny breasts
I’ve been with enough women to know that women judge not only the size of our penises, but even the way it looks esthetically. Most women don’t appreciate a veiny or two-toned penis. Well, we don’t appreciate veiny breasts.

Breasts are meant to look like smooth, soft, rounded, heavenly masses of perfect skin and small, erect nipples. To show us anything different turns our worlds upside down. Of course, I wouldn’t kick veiny breasts out of bed, but I probably wouldn’t tell her that her breasts were beautiful, either.

Salami breasts
Ugh! I can deal with all the aforementioned breast issues – except maybe the saggy breast one. But one thing’s for sure: I cannot deal with breasts that are overtaken by areolas, otherwise known as salami breasts.

I don’t why it is, but whenever I see a breast that’s covered by the areola, I feel like the rest of the woman must smell like cured meat. The worst of it is that by the time I see the horror, it’s too late and I can’t get away from the situation. Okay, I can, but I’m already hot and bothered by then so I just keep my eyes focused on something else.

But men love breasts

Don’t worry, ladies. Most often, when men fall in love with you, they can let certain things slide, just as I’m sure you do when it comes to them. But since women want a man’s honest opinion about the whole breast issue, I gave it to you straight from the hip.

And you can’t hate me for it; this is my breast opinion.

October 2, 2007

Watching Women Masturbate

By Brandon Evans

My last girlfriend never admitted that she played with herself whenever the need arose. I knew she did because I found her stash of sexual paraphernalia, chief among which was her Rabbit.

Of course, I never told her I found these things because I really wanted her to come clean (pardon the pun). To make a long story short, we broke up and I never got to hear her utter those 3 beautiful words: I masturbate sometimes.

Watching women masturbate is sexy

There’s something about watching women masturbate that drives me crazy. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I’ve come up with a couple of theories:

It proves you love sex
I’ve always known that women think about and want sex as much as the next guy, but this takes things one step further by giving me visual proof of it. And I love nothing more than a woman who loves to have sex – especially with me. Watching women masturbate only drives this point home.

It proves you know what you’re doing
You know what gets you off and, chances are, when we’re in bed, you’ll take charge if only to experience the sensation via my erection. This proves that you know your body and how to manipulate it to climax. And if your ability to pleasure yourself is so on target, there’s an even better chance that you’ll be able to get me off just right.

It’s exciting watching women masturbate
Watching you get yourself off via toys or even your own hands is incredibly arousing because your body is soft and sensual. And holding onto and squeezing your nipple with one hand while you massage your clitoris with the other is always a welcomed sight. Add to that the panting, the moaning and the writhing, and you’ve got yourself a fan for life.

Admit that you masturbate

Although my last girl never told me she did, all my other girlfriends not only admitted it, but they played for me. And often.

Of course, there is always that one guy (there’s one in my group of friends) who thinks that watching women masturbate is somehow a threat to his sexual existence, but the majority of guys would be more than willing to not only watch, but to buy you whatever it is you need to enhance your playtime.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of; in fact, I think it’s even more acceptable to discover that a woman masturbates than it is for a man. Perhaps it’s because popular belief dictates that men who masturbate are somehow deprived and depraved, but women who do so are on a journey through sexual exploration. At least that’s how the romance novels tell it.

Make it part of foreplay

The next time you’re with your guy and you’re about to get it on, let your fingers casually make their way to your clitoris and begin massaging it. After he smiles, ask him to lick you while you play.

Another incredibly sexy thing you could do is play with yourself for a while and then lick your finger. If you enjoy what you taste, you can bet he will, too.

And yet another erection builder includes you sticking your finger in his mouth and letting him wet it with his saliva and then rubbing your clitoris with it (or even inserting it into yourself).

Men love watching women masturbate

Now before you rush off to the sex shop to get yourself a new gadget, you need to understand that no man wants to see you pull out a 24” vibrator with bells, whistles and a horn.

We do, however, enjoy watching you turn on your simple buzzer or just use your hands, and moan with delight while we suck on your nipples and enjoy the experience right along with you.

And if you have yet to experience the liberation that comes with masturbation, let me be the first to say, it all comes together once you do. Most men love watching women masturbate and your man will likely smile ear to ear when you do.

Get to know yourself, become comfortable at play, and then ask your guy to join you.


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