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February 2, 2008

Top 10 Habits Of A Fat Woman

By Rene Carter

You do everything right and yet, you’re still not losing any weight. Maybe that’s because what you think is right, is actually turning you into a fat woman.

By avoiding these simple things, you can start dropping the pounds instantly and maintain the ideal body you’ve always wanted. It’s time to drop the habits of a fat woman, and pick up the habits of fit woman!

Fat Woman Habit #1
She buys low-fat products
While low-fat products are always a better choice than full-fat, the problem with such items is that a fat woman will mistakenly think she can eat the entire box and it would only count as having ½ the full-fat box.

But what you should be doing is reading the label. What are the first 3 ingredients? If one of them is sugar, then you are essentially turning yourself into fat woman by consuming it. Oh, and “sugar” may be listed as these instead:

- Corn syrup
- Fructose
- Glucose
- Maltose
- Sucrose
- Lactose
- Dextrose
- Sorbitol

But they are all sugar and have the same effect on the body. If the first 3 ingredients include some form of sugar, don’t buy it.

Fat Woman Habit #2
She weighs herself constantly

You get on the scale and you weigh yourself. Then you go to the gym, you even started doing weights, and still the scale hasn’t moved. It may even have increased! What the hell?!? How come you're turning into a fat woman?!?

Well, to start, a scale is not a good indicator of what your body is made up of. Increased muscle mass may not change the number on the scale, but your clothes will definitely become looser. If you go to the gym and it seems that the scale isn’t moving, it could be because you’re gaining muscle and losing fat. So, in essence, you're not becoming a fat woman; you're becoming a fit woman.

Don’t give up because the scale isn’t giving you the numbers you want.

Fat Woman Habit #3
She cuts carbs & fat from her diet
Although carbs and fats aren’t always good for you, there are some that are quite good for you and beneficial in the fight against becoming a fat woman. Unfortunately, you might think that avoiding them altogether is the best bet.

You do want to cut down on the carbs and fats that come in the form of junk food and white pastas and rice. But fruits and fish are awesome treats and should never be eliminated from your diet.

The problem with a low-anything diet is that you cannot sustain it forever. The diet changes you want to make should be easily sustainable for the rest of your life, not just a month or so.

Fat Woman Habit #4
She doesn’t record her progress
A lot of women tend to have a defeatist mentality and if they screw up today and have a piece of chocolate cake, they give up and just give in to every craving thereafter, eventually turning into fat women.

But if you keep a record of your weight loss progress, one piece of cake does not put an end to your progress thus far. There are 24 hours in every day and all you need to do is get through them by eating as healthily as you can.

Fat Woman Habit #5
She expects quick weight loss
All your weight gain doesn’t happen in a 24-hour period so why would you expect to drop it that quickly? I know it’s difficult to be patient when you’re so gung-ho about losing weight right now, but time is going to pass anyway, so why not make the best of it and make healthy choices?

Fat Woman Habit #6
She takes the wrong supplements
Someone at some point may have advised you about taking fat-burning supplements or carb-blockers. While these may provide immediate results, in the long-term, things might get worse.

Fat burners increase your heart rate. After 8 weeks of use, their effect begins to wane and your heart rate will return to what it once was. Once it slows down, your calorie-burning ability also slows down, causing you to turn into a fat woman and gain back all the weight you lost.

As for carb-blockers, there is no significant data that proves they are effective and when you take them, you may have false assumptions that you can eat carb-filled treats with no consequences. And that’s just not true.

Fat Woman Habit #7
She exercises but eats junk food
While exercising and eating junk is better than not exercising and eating junk, it still isn’t the smartest choice you could be making. While it’s okay to indulge every now and then, studies show that the way you look is a result of 20% exercise and 80% diet.

When you eat high-fat, high-sugar foods and exercise, the excess fat you consume will present itself on top of the muscle you’re gaining, potentially making you appear even thicker than before.

Fat Woman Habit #8
She doesn’t eat breakfast
When you wake up in the morning, your body is literally starving (and if you don’t feel hungry in the morning it’s probably because you ate too much the night before) and needs fuel to function.
Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and calorie-burning capability, so don’t avoid it. Opt for a breakfast that includes fiber and protein.

Fat Woman Habit #9
She’s a crash dieter
You tried the grapefruit diet for four days and lost 7 pounds! Wow, that’s amazing. But why couldn’t you keep the weight off?

Crash diets, and diets that require you commit to a regimen for a given period of time will never work because the minute you get off them, you go back to your regular habits, and end up gaining back the weight, potentially turning yourself into a fat woman.

Your objective should be to make lifestyle diet changes that you can stick to and that are logical. Remove most of the junk food from your home and start buying more fresh and frozen produce. That way, even if you wanted chocolate, there isn’t any in the house and you’ll just have to wait for the craving to pass.

But that’s not to say that you need to suffer immensely; but a little discipline is necessary; after all, it’s all the things that are bad for us in excess that we desire most.

Fat Woman Habit #10
She eats mindlessly
How often do you eat when you’re really not hungry? If you eat in front of the television or while reading a magazine or the paper, you may not realize exactly how much you’re eating.

It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to know you’re full and if you keep shoveling it in in that time-period, chances are you’ll feel stuffed.

Prepare your food, eat it at the table and focus on your food. Pay attention to your body and what it’s telling you.

Lose the fat woman forever

Now that you know what might be causing your weight gain, it’s time to stop obsessing over food and exercise, start doing it, and start understanding what your body is trying to tell you. That way, you will never turn into a fat woman.

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