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October 31, 2007

6 Fashionable Women’s Hoodies

By August Gertz

Just a few years ago, hoodies were assigned solely to young boys and girls (and Rocky), but today they’re a fashion staple for grown women who want to dress casually or exercise in style.

Hoodies come in all sorts of colors, fabrics and sizes, and can be worn with anything from yoga pants to a pair of jeans.

What are women’s hoodies?

Just in case you’re not familiar with the term, women’s hoodies are essentially sweaters with a hood, which you can use to cover your head. And although that sounds simple enough, there are plenty of unique styles and sizes for you to choose from.

Here now, are six different women’s hoodies selections - one of which is bound to be perfect for you.

Women’s hoodies #1
Sleeveless hoodie

Whether you’re about to head out for a swim at the beach or want to go for a jog in the park, a sleeveless hoodie will keep you warm enough without making you feel too hot.

With or without a zipper, this hoodie makes the perfect addition to almost any casual outfit. For a unique look, wear it over a long-sleeve shirt.

Where to find it:

Women’s hoodies #2
Zipper hoodie

Zipper hoodies are incredibly popular because most women not only prefer to remove their tops without messing up their hair, but they also prefer to leave the sweater unzipped while wearing it.

The zipper hoodie is great for those days when you’re not quite sure what the weather will be like as the day progresses. And if you’re heading to a yoga class in the morning, zipper hoodies provide an easy solution to what you’re going to wear to get there.

Where to find it:

Women’s hoodies #3
Crop top hoodie

One of the sexiest tops created in recent years, the crop top hoodie can make your waist look slimmer and your breasts look bigger in an instant.

Mostly worn to cover the arms in chillier weather, this short top can be bought without a zipper and even in short sleeves. Great for summer night campfires or as a cover up when you’re feeling a little “nippy,” if you know what I mean.

Where to find it:

Women’s hoodies #4
Short sleeve hoodie

The short-sleeve hoodie is perfect for those days when you’re still at the beach during sunset and that cool breeze is starting to feel a tad cooler. Sexy and smart, this hoodie provides just enough cover up to keep you warm.

Although the short sleeves don’t give you full coverage for optimal warmth, this hoodie can still offer plenty of heat in the form of style. As well, on those breezy evenings that don’t exactly call for a coat, this hoodie will keep you covered where you need it most.

Where to find it:

Women’s hoodies #5
Sweater hoodie
Loose fitting and comfortable, the sweater hoodie can be worn on cool summer nights or on those days when you’re feeling crampy and bloated. It’s a perfect addition to any casual outfit.

And if you want to go the yuppie route, place the sweater over your shoulders and tie the sleeves at your chest. That way, if you ate too much at the family picnic, this sweater will keep others from seeing your paunchy tummy.

Where to find it:

Women’s hoodies #6
V-neck hoodie
Comfortable and sexy at the same time, a V-neck hoodie looks awesome when you use the hood because it creates an open space on either side of your face and shows off your neck.

Loose and versatile, this sweater can be worn over a T-shirt or tank top, and makes a great addition to your wardrobe, no matter the season.

Where to find it:

Stylish women’s hoodies

When it comes to great sweaters, women’s hoodies list right up there with V-neck sweaters and cashmere. So whether it’s a cool summer night or a fall day, slip on one of your hoodies and enjoy the comfort and compliments.

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