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October 17, 2007

How To Look Thinner Instantly

By August Gertz

You know you shouldn’t have eaten the entire tub of Haagen Dazs last week, but you did, and your plan to drop 10 pounds in the next two months has been put on hold.

Of course, you don’t want to spend the year looking fat; you at least want to create the illusion that you’ve lost weight or are thinner than you really are. And who can blame you? Dieting is tough, but instant results… now that’s something you can work with.

So if you want to look thinner before you leave the house each and every day, here are some simple tips that will make your waistline look thinner and body look leaner.

Look thinner instantly tip #1
Avoid baggy clothes

If you’re overweight and you wear baggy clothes, you probably think that you look thinner by default because people know that the outfit is just too big on you. What it’s actually doing, though, is making you look bigger than you actually are.

Your best bet would be to select a top and bottom that are more flattering to your shape. A flowing top (like a Bohemian shirt) that cascades over your upper body and lean pants that stay along the leg would definitely give you a leaner look.

Look thinner instantly tip #2
Push your boobs together

If you have monstrous boobs, then squeezing them together may not be the best idea (they probably get squeezed together anyway), but wearing a bra that offers no support will not complement your body in any way.

Invest in a bra that holds your breasts together; doing so gives your upper body a tighter, leaner look.

Look thinner instantly tip #3
Mind your posture

Many women I encounter have posture problems. Some don’t stand up straight because it seems like they’re sticking out their boobs, others just have weak abdominal and back muscles.

If you want to look leaner, you need to stand up straight all the time. If it looks like you’re sticking out your chest, what’s wrong with that? You’re standing up straight, if they happen to stand out, then so be it, don’t sacrifice your health for it.

On another note, if you want to improve your posture, take yoga and pilates classes and do some back and abdominal exercises. You’ll notice a significant improvement within weeks.

Look thinner instantly tip #4
Wear one color

A uniform color typically serves to give the wearer a longer, leaner look. Of course, you don’t want to look like a big grape, either. So opt for more earth-tone colors and use an accent like a scarf or necklace to complement the color you’re wearing.

Even wearing different shades of the same color will serve to create the leaner look effect. So pick a color that suits you and invest in a top and bottom.

Look thinner instantly tip #5
Choose the right footwear
If you have thick ankles, wearing a running shoe that hugs your ankles would not be the best idea. Opt instead for mules; they take the attention away from your ankles and place them on your entire leg.

As for heels, if your ankles are thick, opt for a thicker heel and avoid straps across the foot or ankle. Open-toe shoes are also a good option.

When it comes to boots, if you have thick claves, the last thing you want to do is call attention to them by wearing boots that stop mid-calf. Get yourself a pair of boots that cover the entire calf instead.

Look thinner instantly tip #6
Get a tan
Without taking the dangerous route, you can opt to give your body a golden hue by investing in a self-tanner or even professional spray tanning. The darkening effect will make you seem thinner. After all, why do you think bodybuilders tan so often? It’s to accentuate their muscles.

Of course, you don’t want that orange-look effect; a golden tan is enough to create the desired effect. So if you opt for an artificial tan, keep in mind that less is more.

You look so much thinner

All the aforementioned tips will make you look thinner, but your best move would be to get active and eat well for the long-term. Until you decide to make those lifetime changes, however, a chunky heel and uniform color will have to do.

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Sweetest Ambrosia said...

Thanks for the tips! :-D They're very good advice.


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