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October 27, 2007

Sexy Shoes For The Bedroom

By Ellen Shear

There are shoes you pay an arm and a leg for because they are just so gorgeous that you’re willing to sacrifice limbs for them. Then there are sexy shoes for the bedroom – shoes that are so beautiful yet just aren’t realistic for everyday life.

I own about six pairs of shoes that have never seen the light of day. They are used only for those evening when I’m feeling a little hot and bothered, and want to give my legs that extra boost of sexiness that only 6-inch heels could provide.

Such sexy shoes would begin hurting my feet in about 30 minutes if I were walking around in them, but for the bedroom, where walking is not high on my list of priorities, these sexy shoes are the perfect addition to my sinful lingerie.

So which shoes are they? Well, they vary greatly. If you’re a wild one in the bedroom, then your shoes should reflect that. If you’re more demure, then again, the shoes you wear will indicate what you’re like. And if you’re a bit of everything, then there may be a few pairs that you would enjoy sporting tonight.

Here, now, are some sexy shoes you might to put on your charge card very soon.

Marabou Bedroom Slipper
These sexy shoes slide on easily and can be removed in a flash. The Marabou Bedroom Slipper resembles the old-school style of seduction and when you put these on, there will be no doubt in your man’s head what you’re up to.

With a clear, 5-inch heel and feathers on the front, you will feel sexy putting them on, and he’ll get incredibly turned on watching you move.

Spike Knee-High Boots
Although you might look at these boots and wonder if you’ll have to cut them off after you get your sweat on in bed, keep in mind that they actually have a zipper and will look that much sexier going on and coming off. (Ever tried to put zipperless spandex knee-high boots on? Not the sexiest image.)

These ultra-sexy boots contain a 5-inch heel with a stretch patent so that even if you have thicker calves, they’ll still complement your shape.

So if you want to unleash your inner bad girl, these boots will tell him everything you want him to know without your having to say a word.

Peep-Toe Pumps
Jessica Rabbit was the queen of peep-toe pumps and now you can do it like they do in animation. The appeal these sexy shoes add to any foot is immeasurable simply because they’ve been used in fantasies for so long that men instantly melt when they see them.

With a 6-inch heel and vinyl finish, you can slip them on, lie in bed and find out what it’s like to spend a night in a cartoon woman’s shoes.

Ballerina Shoe
While most tie-up-the-leg shoes look great with a hot skirt, clear heels should definitely maintain their spot in strip joints and bedrooms, and nowhere else. So while these sexy shoes will make your leg look great, they should be restricted to his eyes only.

Another 5-incher (that almost sounds dirty), these tie-up heels will flatter your leg and can easily serve to be the only thing you’re wearing when he walks in the room. The tie up ribbon is available in black, pink, blue, and red.

Beaded sandals
Let him think you’re an Egyptian princess when you don these beautiful sexy shoes, complete with an anklace (like a necklace, but for the ankles).

This regal pair of sandals with a 4.5-inch heel will look just as great on out on the town as they will when your legs are in the air and you’re on your back. Yes, I permit you to give these shoes multiple duties, just make sure you don’t get any serious gunk on the bottoms.

Wearing sexy shoes to bed

While slippers are fine for those days when your feet are sore and you just want to watch Grey’s Anatomy and call it a night, seduction requires a little work. And with the aforementioned sexy shoes, it sounds like your feet will be doing all the work for you.

Good night.

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Those are GORGEOUS shoes


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