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October 24, 2007

9 Signature Scents: Women’s Perfume

By Danielle Lemay

In the days of yore, people would take baths once a year (and those were the rich ones) and everyone smelled of natural musk and full on urine. Nowadays, we have the luxury of showering daily and spraying on fabulous perfumes that make us even more appealing.

But what is your signature scent? Does it have notes of fruit, musk or herbs? Is it an assertive scent or does it carry more subtle notes?

No matter what your preferred scent, it is recommended to switch up your perfume every few months in order to keep abreast of the newly available aromas, or simply to keep those around you guessing what you will do next.

Perfume, like most other things in your life, gives off hints about your personality and should reflect who you are. That said, take a look at some great new scents and some good old mainstays, and give your body a splash of something new.

Signature scent #1
Incanto Charms by Salvatore Ferragamo
If you’re a sucker for packaging, you’d buy this perfume just on looks alone. Luckily, there’s more to it than that. This ultra-feminine, fruity-scented perfume contains hints of jasmine, passion fruit, honeysuckle, and musk.

Best time to wear it: On a beautiful spring day, when you’re heading out to brunch with the girls.

Signature scent #2
Stella by Stella McCartney
Blending intense femininity with even more intense sensuality, Stella contains hints of rose, amber and peony flower. This perfume is outrageously sexy but sophisticated, and will linger long after you’ve left the room.

Best time to wear it: When you’re out on a third hot date with that man you’ve been dying to let in.

Signature scent #3
Burberry Classic by Burberry

Around since 1996, this classic perfume, as the name implies, offers up a clean and sensual scent that isn’t overpowering yet overtakes the senses in a positive way. With notes of vanilla, black currant, green apple, and peach, you will smell freshly showered all day long.

Best time to wear it: When you’re about to ask for that promotion you’ve worked so hard for.

Signature scent #4
Pink Jasmine by Fresh

An incredibly romantic scent, Pink Jasmine covers the wearer in hints of jasmine, peony, lilac, red orange, marshmallow, and precious woods. So if soft floral fragrances are your cup of tea, drink this one up (not literally, of course).

Best time to wear it: Take it with you to an outdoor, afternoon wedding.

Signature scent #5
Clean by Dlish
If you love nothing more than that “fresh out of the shower” smell, then you have landed on the perfect eau de toilette. Clean will remind you of the scent of pure soap, but as it lightens up, you will smell, quite simply, clean. Notes include sweet lime, pink grapefruit, rose geranium, and orange.

Best time to wear it: On those days when you need that extra little boost of confidence.

Signature scent #6
Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Voted one of the best perfumes for women by Allure magazine, this velvety scent is both soft and sensual, and contains traces of honey flower, tactile wood and amber. Spritz yourself with this corporeal scent and watch as men begin to give you that “look.”

Best time to wear it: On a Saturday night, when you’ve got your dancing shoes on.

Signature scent #7
I Love Love by Moschino

With its fresh, citrus scent, I Love offers up a sophisticated yet ultra feminine sensation. An easy reminder of warm, sunny days, this grapefruit, orange, lemon, and cinnamon based perfume will make you feel fresh all day long.

Best time to wear it: On a sunny afternoon when you’re riding in your drop top.

Signature scent #8
212 by Carolina Herrera

The best way to describe 212 is to call it “confident.” The wearer of this perfume is ultra-confident and enjoys the scent of gardenias, mandarins, white lilies, sandalwood, and, of course, musk. An amazing combination of florals and musk, 212 can be worn day or night and from summer well into winter.

Best time to wear it: When you’re done going down the slopes and heading out to an après-ski get together.

Signature scent #9
Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

A subtle yet very effective scent, Light Blue offers traces of green apple, musk, bamboo, jasmine, and cedar wood, among others. For any woman who wants to leave a lasting impression, D&B has you covered.

Best time to wear it: When you’re meeting your honey at a café for an early breakfast.

Signature scent for a woman

Having a few bottles of perfume, each providing a very distinct scent, is always good for those times when you’re in the mood for something different. And if you’re anything like me, that will happen quite often.

So, who will you be today? When you decide, one of the perfumes above is sure to cover you.

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