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October 26, 2007

Top 10 Bikini Bodies

By Bobbi Hunter

When it comes to Hollywood, perfect bodies abound, all thanks to juice diets and 6-hour-a-day workout schedules. But hey, when your job requires you to look hot, you have to do whatever’s necessary to stay on top.

And the celebrities don’t disappoint; all thanks to teeny weeny, itsy bitsy bikinis and the stalkers who chase them down to get the shot, we all know who’s hot and who’s not (*cough* Tara Reid *cough*),

That said, check out the 10 hottest bodies on the scene today, sunscreen not included.

Bikini bodies #10
Jessica Simpson

It’s unattractive when a woman’s body weight fluctuates because the moment you see her looking thick, her weight loss just can’t make up for the previous assault on the eyes. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with Jessica Simpson.

When she did the crappy flick The Dukes of Hazzard, her turn as Daisy Duke was pretty smokin’, and you could easily tell that she had been working hard to get the perfect body.

And to prove it, Jess got naked in her video for the remake “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’,” and had men worldwide downloading her getting wet and shaking her booty in front of a car that no one remembers.

Bikini bodies #9
Kristin Cavallari

Known for her starring role in MTV’s Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, Kristin may not have the greatest personality, but she sure as hell has a great body and face.

While some people criticize Kristin for using her reality TV fame to further her career, I personally think she’d be an idiot not to. Although, in all fairness, not many Hollywood big shots will take her seriously. But many of them will no doubt let her crash on their couch...

Bikini bodies #8
Jenny McCarthy

After Jenny had her son, Evan, in 2002, she looked like a whale, and I’m not exaggerating. Luckily, Jenny hooked up with Weight Watchers and managed to get her perfect body back.

And although Jenny’s son was diagnosed with autism, she manages to work hard to keep up appearances and has a fantastic relationship with Jim Carrey – that’s probably because the two have decided never to marry. But I digress, the girl has got it going on!

Bikini bodies #7
Gisele Bundchen

Of all the supermodels that have come and gone, Gisele seems a mainstay whose looks only get more enticing with time. Her long, lean body, sun kissed skin and breasts that are perfectly tailored to her body make this Brazilian bombshell that much easier to love.

When Gisele dons a bikini, jaws drop and the world stops moving for just a minute. Even her hair is the stuff fairy tales are made of.

Bikini bodies #6
Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra has to be on this list because all she is really known for is looking hot. That, and beating up Dennis Rodman. But put this girl in a bikini and there's no doubt that she deserves her place in Hollywood.

She works out and makes sexy appearances, and that’s about it… but that’s all she really needs to do. Oh, and she occasionally appears with the Pussycat Cat dolls dressed up like a whore and dancing. Which, you gotta admit, she was born to do.

Bikini bodies #5
Roselyn Sanchez

It seems as though Roselyn simply isn’t destined for Hollywood stardom (probably because her face resembles that of Sandra Bullock), and gets stuck in roles opposite people like Cuba Gooding Jr. (Boat Trip) and Sofia Vergara (Chasing Papi).

But no matter; Roselyn is one of the hottest women alive and has the perfect bikini body to prove it. Just look at this woman; she is the epitome of perfection.

Bikini bodies #4
Brooke Burke

Brooke has dropped babies and still has a body that just won’t quit. Given, her breasts are store bought, but you definitely have to attribute the rest of her to good genes. Although many would consider her a butter face, you have to admit that women would give up 2 years of sex for a body like that.

The former host of E!’s Wild On has had two children with two different men and does not have a drop of cellulite. This 36-year-old beauty could give most 18-year-olds a run for their money!

Bikini bodies #3
Megan Fox

It’s obvious that God took his sweet time when he put Megan Fox together. If it weren’t enough that she has the perfect face and the bluest eyes this side of the sky, she also has a body that just won’t quit. And this babe isn’t shy about using it to land roles (see Two and a Half Men or Transformers).

She’s being pegged as the next Angelina Jolie, but even I have to admit that she’s even sexier than Angie.

Bikini bodies #2
Jessica Biel

With a butt you can bounce anything off of, Jessica Biel, who is currently dating Justin Timberlake, has a body that even makes even the most beautiful of us jealous.

If you keep up with the gossip rags, you’d know that Jess works really hard at keeping her butt, well, really hard, and that, although genes do play a role, there’s no doubt that she is in great shape. And if you want to see her perfect body in motion, check out I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

Bikini bodies #1
Jessica Alba
I’ll be the first to admit that Jessica Alba’s acting leaves something to be desired (see Honey, Into The Blue & Good Luck Chuck) but when it comes to being nekkid, Jessica has got the tish down. Her face, her smile and her body are sheer perfection.

Magazine shoots must be a breeze considering they barely have to airbrush this stunner, and movie sets that she’s on must have sticky floors. Miss Alba has the perfect genetic make up.

Best bikini bodies

There you have it; the hottest of the hottest. Stay tuned for the hottest male bodies in Hollywood… feel free to make suggestions by leaving your comments.


Anonymous said...

You left out Eva Longoria.

aishwarya said...

Brooke Burke looking pretty beautiful in white bikini. she is the no 1 bikini body from given here


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