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October 5, 2007

Top 10 Leading Hollywood Men

By Bobbi Hunter

Besides the myriad plastic surgeries and palm trees, Hollywood is mostly defined by its leading Hollywood men. Mix two parts bravery with one part charm and eight parts hot, and you’ve got yourself a man so complete that women would give up a 26-inch waist just to be with him.

Of course, leading Hollywood men aren’t usually perfect; they come with their set of drawbacks and flaws, but it is these very things that make them so beautiful and in-demand.

To put this list together for 2007, the men who listed must be living and must have starred in a leading role within the last 2 years. After all, I loved Paul Newman as Brick Pollitt in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Sean Connery as James Bond in Never Say Never Again, but alas, they have not led in movies in a long while.

Only 10 men could make the leading Hollywood men list and, as hard as it was to put together, it was even harder to cut out some actors I truly adore.

That said, and without further ado, here now, are the top 10 leading Hollywood men in film today.

Leading Hollywood Men #10
Daniel Craig

There’s something very Steve McQueen about Daniel Craig. He doesn’t have your typical square jaw and chiseled good looks, but he does, however, know how to draw a woman in with his hypnotic blue eyes and that ridiculously muscular body.

From his stint as the “organizer” in Layer Cake to his role as Bond, James Bond in Casino Royale, there’s no doubt that the new 007 will be shaking and stirring around in our minds for years to come.

Leading Hollywood Men #9
Matthew McConaughey
From the moment I spotted McConaughey in A Time To Kill alongside Sandra Bullock and Samuel L Jackson, it was obvious that this guy had star quality. And although he tends to be a pot-smoking, naked bongo player in his free time, that doesn’t deter me from surrendering to the story and falling for him any time he’s on the silver screen.

And if How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and Failure To Launch aren’t enough of an indicator, Matthew enjoys catering to his adoring female fans, when he’s not busy taking on manly man roles in films like We Are Marshall.

Leading Hollywood Men #8
Hugh Jackman

When I was forced to go see X-Men, surprisingly enough, I actually enjoyed the film, but it wasn’t because I took notice of Hugh Jackman who played Wolverine because, well, he looked like a hairy beast and had an attitude to boot.

But then he appeared again; this time clean cut and ready to be the leading man with a leading lady. The romantic comedy Someone Like You starring “the Jackman” and Ashley Judd made its way to theaters in 2001, and every woman and her mother was taken by this strapping young man who stood at over 6’2”.

And considering his other films like The Fountain, The Prestige and Scoop, you can bet your pretty eyes that you will be dreaming of him at some point, not to mention his TV stint on Viva Laughlin.

Leading Hollywood Men #7
Brad Pitt

Although Brad Pitt lost major points with women after his split with Jennifer Aniston and his decision to become a babysitter and get a scruffy makeover for Angelina Jolie, his skills onscreen are still as sharp as ever.

Of course, Brad Pitt didn’t just go for roles that made him the heartthrob (remember Twelve Monkeys?), but movies like Interview With The Vampire, Legends of the Fall and Meet Joe Black drove women crazy.

And he continued to make us lust for him in Fight Club (that body was ridiculous), Ocean’s Eleven (Twelve and perhaps Thirteen) and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and will continue to do so in films like The Assassination of Jesse James and Babel. And I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely fine with that.

Leading Hollywood Men #6
Terrence Howard

When I saw Terrence Dashon Howard ’s depth in a film as fluffy as 1999’s The Best Man, I knew it was just a matter of time before he would become an A-lister in Hollywood. Of course, I didn’t think it would take six years. Nevertheless, Terrence blew me away with his performance in Crash and then finally got his dues in Hustle & Flow.

Perhaps it’s his green eyes reflecting off his caramel skin that makes women weak. Or perhaps it’s his smooth-sounding voice that manages to take us away. No matter, because Terrence has arrived and having been nominated for Best Actor in 2006 proved just that.

Leading Hollywood Men #5
Johnny Depp

I was just a kid when I saw Johnny Depp on TV’s 21 Jump Street in 1987, but he was so gorgeous that I wanted more and more. So with his power of instinct in regards to my needs, Johnny made the leap to the big screen and allowed me and all my girlfriends to see him in all his glory in flicks like 1995’s Don Juan de Marco and 1997’s Donnie Brasco.

And Johnny, like Brad, doesn’t play up his looks in film (he proved just that with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise) but it’s obvious that when he’s on the screen, he takes it over and hypnotizes his female audience.

Leading Hollywood Men #4
Denzel Washington

1990’s Mo’ Better Blues helped Denzel Washington’s and Wesley Snipes’ careers, but there was something about Denzel that made him so much easier to fall in love with. And when he began taking the lead in films like Malcolm X, Training Day and Man On Fire, the world knew it was dealing with a profoundly sexy man with a need for drama.

His acting chops are things that Oscar-wins are made of and his looks are that of a powerful man who knows when to be gentle and when to use force. Go with the force, Denzel, go with the force. Check out more of Denzel's hotness in American Gangster, co-starring Russell Crowe.

Leading Hollywood Men #3
Viggo Mortensen

His stint in a wheelchair in Carlito’s Way wasn’t incredibly impressive (remember “I can’t hump”?), but when I witnessed his acting and sexual seduction in A Perfect Murder (1997), I knew that it was just a matter of time before Viggo would take over the vag.

It became clear once he did the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And then… then when we got to see him in A History of Violence, well I think the sex scene he had with Maria Bello speaks volumes for how well he can lead any woman. And Viggo's turn as a Russian gangster in Eastern Promises only makes him hotter (check out as he kicks some serious ass whilst completely naked).

Leading Hollywood Men #2
George Clooney

He may be getting on in age, but when George Clooney made the move from ER to the big screen, women everywhere were as happy as schoolgirls. From Dusk Till Dawn wasn’t the greatest movie ever, but George sure did a good job of making us lose our breath. And when he starred opposite Jennifer Lopez in Out of Sight in 1998, that’s when we knew that this man was “it.”

And although George has opted to take on more of an executive producer role of late, we at least get to see him looking ridiculously hot in the Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen; not to mention Michael Clayton.

Leading Hollywood Men #1
Clive Owen

Clive Owen as Jack Manfred in 1998’s Croupier thrust him into the spotlight and into the hearts of women worldwide. Then, when he took on the role of the honorable King Arthur in the movie of the same name in 2004, again, we sighed collectively and melted at the sound of his voice.

But it was Beyond Borders and Closer that really turned Owen into the Hollywood heartthrob that we know and love today. And if you have an insatiable appetite for Clive, worry not; films like Sin City 2 and Shoot ‘Em Up are sure to satisfy you.

Leading Hollywood men forever

Whether or not you agree with the list, you have to admit one thing; each and every one of these guys can take the bull by the horns and tame it onscreen. And at the end of the day, that is what makes them so incredibly attractive.

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