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November 23, 2007

7 Sins Business Women Commit

By Amanda Rice

You’re a professional woman with everything going for you. You’re smart, you’re strong and you’re beautiful… so why aren’t you at the top yet? What is taking so long?

The answers might be found in the little things you’re doing. Check out seven of the biggest sins of business women and learn how to avoid committing them at all costs.

Make sure your professional career soars in the right direction by avoiding these common sins of business women.

Sins of business women #1
Not doing your homework

Walking into any situation without having done your research first is simply unacceptable. With a world of information right at your fingertips, saying that you “just didn’t know” nowadays won’t fly in the business world.

Before any meeting, find out what will be discussed and spend some time on the Internet researching the topic at hand. As well, whenever you’re asked to do something, don’t every say that you have no idea how to go about it. The world is your oyster and you can find out everything you need to know with the click of a button.

Sins of business women #2
Leading with your heart & not your head
The corporate world is a cutthroat one, no doubt, and there’s nothing wrong with having heart, but there’s a time and a place for sympathy and empathy.

More often than not, you need to deal with business matters without emotion, simply because most guys are waiting for you to have an emotional moment so they can call you on it and keep you from a promotion because of your “high” estrogen levels.

It’s awful that proving yourself includes having to become somewhat cold-hearted in the workplace, but if you’re surrounded by men, you need to ease up on using your heart to make decisions. Passion is better used in the bedroom rather than the boardroom.

You’d also do well to stop asking everyone’s opinion before you make a decision; this behavior makes you seem like you don’t trust yourself or want to evade blame should things not work out. Take risks and, more often than not, the results will be plentiful.

Sins of business women #3
Using your sex to get ahead
Even if you’re the smartest person in the room, if you dress provocatively, no one will hear a word you’re saying. Using sex to get ahead in business won’t work in most cases because, again, you’re distinguishing yourself from the men in a negative way.

Breasts, legs and butts are great assets to have when it comes time for formal parties and such, but using your body to get attention at work will not help you get ahead. In essence, it may even hinder your advancement.

It is in your best interest to dress like a beautiful, classy woman rather than a provocative one.

Sins of business women #4
Being a pushover
More often than not, when a woman is outspoken or assertive at work, she is considered a “bitch.” And many women would prefer to avoid inheriting such a name.

But trying to be nice to everyone and sacrificing your career in the process will leave you with much regret when promotion time rolls around.

Stand up for yourself, put yourself first as often as you can, and maintain professionalism around your colleagues, and there will be no merit in their calling you a bitch.

Also, speak up. There’s nothing wrong with voicing your opinion on something, especially if you’ve done your homework (see point 1). Just make sure that when you do so, you don’t crush any egos – diplomacy is your friend.

Sins of business women #5
Taking on more to prove yourself worthy

If you want to be considered for a higher position with the company, you should be delegating small tasks in order to free up your time for the more important deals and projects.

If you continue to take on the small stuff for others so that everyone thinks that you’re pulling your weight, you will remain in a mid-level position forever.

It’s time for you to start acting like a leader and you can do so by not taking on so many small tasks that you can’t focus on the big picture. The big picture, the one that rakes in the money, is where your bull’s eye should rest.

Sins of business women #6
Dressing unprofessionally
In the same vein as dressing provocatively, dressing in an unprofessional manner, no matter how casual the setting, will reflect negatively on you.

Make sure that your clothes are always clean, wrinkle-free, and smell great. Don’t pack on the make-up and style your hair in a simple fashion.

Sins of business women #7
Revealing too much about your personal life

We spend so much time at work that we sometimes lose ourselves and become too friendly with other staff members. But revealing too much about your personal life can be detrimental to your career.

It’s one thing to reveal that you’re married with two kids; it’s a whole other thing to tell your colleagues that you and your husband haven’t had sex in two months because the kids never give you a moment’s peace. Something like that can get around the office quickly and place you in a different, less professional light.

Keep your personal life personal.

Break the sins of business women

Women may have been taking on business careers for years now, but there are still a few intricacies that can make or break your career with a company. And if you can maintain professionalism without hiding your femininity, then you’ll be all the richer for it – both figuratively and literally. Just make sure you avoid these sins of business women at all costs.

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