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November 26, 2007

Handbag Of The Day - Burberry Inspired Purse

By August Gertz

If there’s one thing we quickly learn growing up, it’s that not all handbags are created equal. Well, there's no need to look any further because this is the mother of all handbags.

Made of genuine leather and boasting a Burberry inspiration (sans the Burberry price), this exceptional black handbag has a zip-top closure (to ward away pickpockets) and an exterior zip pocket, so that you don’t have to empty out your handbag just to get your keys.

If that wasn’t fantastic enough, there are even built-in compartments for your mobile phone and sunglasses; God knows how I hate lugging around the massive sunglass case that my shades came with.

And if you’re like me and hate carrying your handbag around your shoulder because it causes pain - everything I own and my grandmother can be found in it - you will appreciate the handles that are comfortable enough to rest on your arm, a la Victoria Beckham et al.

So now you have no excuse; get yourself the handbag that takes you from day to night and thank me later.

Cost: $219.99
Where to get it:

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