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November 10, 2007

November 10, 2007 - Entertainment News

Hmm, I wonder why Britney Spears avoided taking her court-ordered drug tests... (CelebNewsWire)

Lindsay Lohan manages to hold on to the pappos' attention by giving them a little nip. (Egotastic)

Check out the trailer to Jessica Simpson's upcoming Major Movie Star, coming soon to a video store near you. (Just Jared)

Some chick tossed her massive, grandma bra at Enrique Iglesias. (dListed)

In an unseen twist, Kim Kardashian drops her sex tape lawsuit; it's probably because the profits outweigh the potential lawyer fees. (Gossip Girls)

Now that Jennie Garth has her pre-baby body back, she wants to have a fourth baby. (CelebSpin)

Do you believe that Tom Cruise paid Katie Holmes $600 mil to be his wife and have his baby in order to keep the world from thinking he's gay? I do. (PopBytes)

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