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December 26, 2007

6 High End Watches For Women

By August Gertz

Rings, necklaces and even bracelets go a long way in accessorizing your outfits, but there’s nothing quite like an original, high end watch to complete an already beautiful getup.

All women should own at least two watches: One for everyday use that looks sophisticated and unique; and one for special occasions that demonstrates your good taste and need to be original.

But not all watches are created equal; if you want to find the right watch, you need to shop around and hunt down exactly what you want and how much you want to spend.

These watches, of course, cost as much as a small car, but if you want a quality timepiece that leaves everyone around you oohing and aahing, then you’ll want to have one of these high end watches for women on your wrist.

By now, you’re well-acquainted with the likes of Burberry and Tissot; these watches, however, are rarer and more original. So if you want to be the envy of all your girlfriends and have a great conversation starter for the boys, you’ll want to look into getting your hands on one of the following high end watches for women.

High end watches for women #1
Piguet’s Lady Royal Oak watch
A very elegant, understated watch, only those who know good quality will recognize what a unique timepiece you have on your wrist. With a self-winding, stainless steel case and a black crocodile leather strap, it’s easy to see why this watch is in a class of its own.

Approximate cost: $11,500
Where to get it:

High end watches for women #2
Cartier’s Pasha Seatimer
Owning a Cartier watch is like owning a penthouse suite in New York; it makes you the toast of the town. This breathtaking steel watch, complete with a “clou de Paris” black ceramic décor, black dial, Arabic numerals, and luminescent diamond-shaped rhodium-plated metal hands can stop traffic if it reflects off the sun just so. And although it’s water-resistant to 330 feet, I couldn’t imagine why any woman would keep this work of art on to go deep-sea diving.

Approximate cost: $5,500
Where to get it:

High end watches for women #3
Gucci’s 1500 series

Although Gucci is sometimes considered the watch for more mature women, the brand still manages to create certain watches that contain a dainty yet stern appeal. The 1500 series is the perfect example, with its thin steel bracelet that is deceptively sturdy. Although it is not water-resistant at all, this Swiss-made quartz watch blends elegance and style, and comes complete with a 2-year warranty.

Approximate cost: $800
Where to get it:

High end watches for women #4
Omega’s Double Eagle Chronometer

A strong, powerful watch with a stainless steel case and a 44-hour power reserve, Omega left no stone unturned when it designed this piece of sheer art. The white mother-pearl face and diamonds add a sophisticated touch, while the stainless steel bracelet can handle even the toughest wear and tear.

Approximate cost: $5,500
Where to get it:

High end watches for women #5
Vacheron Constantin’s 1972 Medium Model, Paved Version

An asymmetrical watch is enough to start up an interesting conversation, but add some white gold, quartz movement, 270 brilliant cut diamonds (1.88 carat weight), and a satin strap, and you have yourself the perfect watch for any occasion. Beautifully and flawlessly constructed, Vacheron Constantin’s 1972 model is a timepiece that will last from one generation to the next.

Approximate cost: $14,300
Where to get it:

High end watches for women #6
Baume & Mercier’s Diamant

Set with 26 brilliant diamonds, a polished steel bracelet, and mother-of-pearl dial, this beautiful watch can be worn with business attire, as well as a sexy evening gown. And the oval crown set with one off-center diamond makes telling the time that much sweeter.

Approximate cost: $4,700
Where to get it:

High end watches for women

Finding the perfect watch is no easy task, especially considering most of us consider them an investment that we want to utilize for years to come, and perhaps even pass on to future generations. But with today’s level of sophisticated timepieces for women, there’s certainly no shortage of amazing high end watches for women to choose from.

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