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December 19, 2007

New Year 2008 – Places To Meet Men

By Alicia Socorro

It would suck if midnight hit on New Year 2008 and you had no one to turn to and plant one on. So make this year different and head somewhere where you’re guaranteed a shot at a man’s mouth (if not more).

If you’re still stumped about where you want to go this New Year 2008, fear no more, here are a bunch of ideas to keep you from being lonely this year.

New Year 2008 places to meet men #1
House party

Whether you opt to host one or have a friend who’s throwing one, house parties always come with some single men who drink too much and feel just as lonely as you do.

For New Year 2008, find yourself a cozy house party, bring along some champagne for the host and use that radar of yours to track down some single man meat and get your groove on before the ball drops.

New Year 2008 places to meet men #2
Hotel bar

Every lonely soul knows that hotel bars are where single men and many a hooker hang out, and New Year 2008 will be no different. So if you forgot to make solid plans this New Year 2008, why not head to one, sans hooker clothes and find yourself a man who wants some company?

Ring in New Year 2008 with a great umbrella drink and a man from out of town, and get yourself a sweet peck on the lips this year. Both pairs.

New Year 2008 places to meet men #3
Any nightclub

While I find nightclubs a big headache on New Year, others quench their thirst in it. New Year 2008 may prove to be the party of the year if you end up at the right club this year.

And yes, there are hundreds, if not thousands of readily available men who would love nothing more than to kiss a strange woman when the clock strikes 12. So dance to your hearts content and keep your eyes open for hot, single men.

New Year 2008 places to meet men #4
Stay home, get online

While you may not get to physically plant your mouth on someone else’s in the true sense, you could play the mutual masturbation game with the right guy should the mood strike.

This New Year 2008, put on your sexiest lingerie, turn on your computer cam and show one lucky boy why this year is going to be your boldest yet. You whore.

New Year 2008 places to meet men #5

Sometimes dancing the night away with hundreds of other sweaty bodies just isn’t the right way to go, and if you’re in no mood this New Year 2008, why not head to a place where everybody knows your name? Or not.

The bar scene is usually much quieter with your quintessential drunks and barflies, but every now and then, you can find a normal guy with which to have an interesting conversation and some anonymous, if not downright dirty, sex. Okay, perhaps sex is taking too far, but at least a midnight kiss will do. Get to it.

New Year 2008 digs

Whatever you opt to do this year, make sure you ring in New Year 2008 with a serious bang. Remember that the only things you’ll regret when you’re rocking in a chair at 75 are the things you didn’t do. Happy New Year!

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