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December 4, 2007

What Do Your Dreams Mean?

By Alicia Socorro

Some mornings you wake up and get on with your day without remembering or giving a second thought to your dreams. But other days you wake up feeling incredibly disturbed by your dreams and you remember them as if they were real.

Why do we dream? What do our dreams mean? Are our subconscious minds trying to tell us something that our conscious minds are trying to ignore? Well, the answer is never an easy one, considering no one but you knows your past nor what you’re thinking about.

But certain dreams can be interpreted in a way that may help you realize an underlying issue you may not want to face or may not have realized was bothering you until you were told in a dream.

Are you ready to interpret some of the most common dreams women have? Let’s find out what your dreams mean.

What dreams mean situation #1

You’re going about your dream wonderfully when, all of a sudden, you look down to discover that you are completely naked in front of all these people. This could mean a number of things, depending on where you stand in your everyday life.

You’re hiding something – You have a secret you are keeping from others that you don’t want to or are afraid to reveal.

You’re unprepared – There’s a presentation of sorts coming up and you don’t think you’re well-prepared for it.

You’re proud – If, in your dream, you take pride in being naked, it could symbolize that you feel you have an unrestricted freedom to do whatever it is you desire.

You’re overanalyzing – If you are naked and no one else in your dream notices, it may be because you are making a big deal out of a small situation in your real life.

What dreams mean situation #2
Teeth falling out
One of the most common dreams around, your teeth crumble or fall out of your mouth one by one until you’re left with nothing but gums.

You’re anxious about your appearance – It’s possible that you’re about to meet someone who has never seen you before and you’re unsure about how they will perceive you.

You’re afraid of making a fool of yourself – Sometimes such a dream indicates an underlying fear of making a fool of yourself in a public situation.

You feel powerless – Teeth are used to bite, chew and tear things apart; the loss of them may represent a lack of power in certain aspects of your life.

You’re lying – According to Chinese scripture, losing your teeth indicates that you are lying about something in your daily life.

You’re menopausal – Having all your teeth is attractive (well, at least in relation to not having them), and if you’re menopausal you may feel that you are losing your attractiveness or “femininity.”

What dreams mean situation #3
Being chased
In your dream, you’re running away from someone who seems to be getting closer and closer to you no matter how quickly you try to outrun them.

You’re avoiding issues – Instead of confronting the problems in your life, you are trying to outrun them, so to speak.

You’re dealing with inner conflict – The chaser may represent a part of yourself that you’re not happy with. For example, if you’re feeling jealous, angry or in love, such feelings can show themselves as a threatening figure in dreams.

You’re afraid of being assaulted – Sometimes your dream may be true to life and not just symbolic. For example, if you have to travel through a dark parking lot every night after work, your fear of being attacked might reveal itself via your dreams.

What dreams mean situation #4

You’re falling and falling and you can’t hold onto anything nor can you stop it. You’re afraid that, at some point, you’re going to hit the ground, but it just doesn’t happen (and despite popular opinion, you don’t die in real life if you hit the ground in your dream).

You’re feeling unstable – Such dreams indicate a feeling of instability or anxiety, and it’s quite possible that you’re not sure how to deal with your current situation.

You’ve failed – whether it’s an exam or a relationship, you feel like you’ve failed and don’t know how to cope with these feelings.

You’re losing your pride – Whether it’s doing something you’re not too proud of or you’re inability to keep up with the Joneses, your pride is taking a hit.

Find out what your dreams mean

Dreams help us manage our thoughts and feelings, and may even give us a sign of things to come. Then again, they may just take place due to occurrences of the day (e.g. you run into a high school friend, then dream that you’re at the prom).

But it’s true that we dream for a reason; the only problem is that it’s left up to us to figure out what that reason is.

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