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January 13, 2008

James Rousseau

James Rousseau Vital Stats
Birth Name: James Rousseau Osborne
Birth Date: December 19, 1980
Birth Place: Ashford, United Kingdom
Height: 6’1”
Romantic Link: Ana Beatriz Barros

James Rousseau Interesting Facts

James Rousseau earns up to $50,000 for one day’s work.
James Rousseau speaks English and Italian fluently.

James Rousseau Biography

Born on December 19, 1980 in Ashford, a town in the south east county of Kent, England, James Osborne was raised by his mom Nicola and his dad, Stephen, and was destined to stand in front of the camera, as his boyish good looks were noticed by everyone who encountered him.

Growing up he attended Abberley Hall School in Worcestershire, and in 1996, he began attending Malvern College.

James Rousseau starts modeling

One day in 1997, he was helping out a friend in the music business when a couple suggested that James should take a stab at modeling, as he was quite striking. So for laughs, James made his way to local agency called Select Models and took his chances on a potential career in modeling.

James was turned away almost immediately because he didn’t have any photos of himself, let alone a portfolio. Lucky for him, an agent spotted him as he was about to leave and decided to take a chance on him.

Rousseau photographed by Steven Meisel

After sending his amateur pictures to various photographers, it took only three weeks for the responses to come pouring in, the first of which landed him a job that included getting photographed by Steven Meisel in New York for Italian Vogue. Only two weeks after that, James was hired for a Miu Miu campaign, and it was obvious from that moment that James Rousseau had arrived.

His rise in the fashion industry came incredibly quickly and, in 1999, his success allowed him to transition from high school into college without any financial burdens. As well, his agency and his schools were quite flexible, allowing James the ability to organize his schedule as he saw fit and make up any time he missed when he could.

James has enjoyed the fruits of his success thus far, as he has been photographed with the most beautiful women in the world, including Gisele Bundchen.

James has appeared in runway shows for Cerruti Jeans, Exte, YSL, Hugo Boss, as well as editorial appearances for GQ, Elle, Esquire, and others. His face has become more and more familiar to the public, which women seem to love.

Rousseau stars in The Hole

In 2001, James landed a small role in The Hole (After the Hole in the U.S.) alongside famed actress Thora Birch (the movie went straight to video upon its release in the U.S. in 2004). But Rousseau’s first love is music and, once his modeling career begins to wind down, James has expressed interest in pursuing a music career.

James has dated Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros, whom he admits was his first love, and is currently dating Kate Bosworth. He divides his time between New York, London and Milan.
In 2008, James Rousseau is recording an album - he will be working with one of Australia’s best music producers, Louis Schoorl, at his Limestone Studios, Sydney, Australia, for several months to create his debut album. If you're interested in hearing his first single entitled "To Make You Mine," click here.

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