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February 6, 2008

8 Stylish Toy Dog Carriers

By August Gertz

There’s nothing quite like an adorable little dog to make you love life and feel like all is right with the world. And when you are the proud owner of one of these adorable pets, it’s only fitting that you want to take them with you everywhere you go. And luckily, toy dog carriers are both practical and stylish enough to take with you just about everywhere you go.

Toy dog carriers come in all shapes and sizes, depending on your little pooch, of course, and you can spend the entire day fussing over your little baby while you shop, meet up with friends and go for walks.

Toy dog carriers #1
Juicy Couture

In bright red velour with a white trim, or green and pink, this Juicy Couture bag will have your pooch living it up in style. The silver hardware adds some flair and keeps your dog entertained, while the silver J tags and Juicy logo will let everyone know your style preferences.

This toy dog carrier features a zip-back top opening, a heart-shaped window, to allow ventilation for your pup, an inside safety harness, extra pockets for all your (and your dog’s) stuff, a removable shoulder strap and removable cushion. And don’t worry; if you’re heading out on a flight, this bag is in flight approved.

Cost: $325
Dog weight: 10 pounds (bowling bag) to 12 pounds (satchel)
Where to get it:

Toy dog carriers #2
Bella Paris Dog Carrier
It goes with anything you wear and provides high fashion and incredible comfort for you doggy. The Lucy bag is the ultimate toy dog carrier for you and your pet. With a sophisticated feel and understated appeal, the Bella Paris Dog Carrier features all the essentials you need in a toy dog carrier.

With mesh panels on either side, you never have to worry if your dog is getting enough air, and the two magnetic snap close cargo pockets make it easy to store plastic bags and your electronics.

Cost: $110
Dog weight: Up to13 pounds
Where to get it:

Toy dog carriers #3
Satin Quilted
This stylish satin quilted black pet carrier is ideal for carrying your dog around with you everywhere you go. Of course, because it does not have a zip up top, those around you will notice your adorable little pup and may want to approach (which isn’t such a bad thing if he happens to 6’2” and gorgeous).

With an inside clasp to secure your dog and adjustable shoulder straps to ensure your comfort, you will never have to leave your baby at home again. Also available in pink and blue.

Cost: $85
Dog weight: 4 to 10 pounds
Where to get it:

Toy dog carriers #4
LuLus Dance Card
If you and your dog are dainty, this toy dog carrier is just what the vet ordered. With a black satin finish and ivory satin band and bow, this toy dog carrier boasts a mesh window with roll-up shade, an inside safety strap, a microfiber bottom, and chrome-plated LuLu Jane charms.

And if you really love this toy dog carrier, you can also get yourself the handbag to go with for $35 (or get both for $120).

Cost: $90
Dog weight: Up to 8 pounds
Where to get it:

Toy dog carriers #5
Mandarin Gold by Celltei
Designed to resemble your silhouette, the soft black strap is made of leather and the fabric is 100% Indian silk, sewn by hand. The Velcro closure opens to show off a faux fur lining that will make your pup feel like its in heaven.

If all that weren’t fantastic enough, the golden mesh webbing that’s on the back and designed for your baby’s ventilation is absolutely gorgeous.

Cost: $400
Dog weight: 4 to 12 pounds
Where to get it:

Toy dog carriers #6
Mediterranean Leather Carrier

With its understated light green and blue coloring, this leather toy dog carrier is great for those days when you just don’t want anyone to know that you’re carrying your pooch around with you.
It zippers up on both sides and snaps securely. Also safe for travel, this purse will keep you looking fashionable and happy that your dog is living large in a roomy, fur-lined bag.

Cost: $325
Dog weight: Up to 8 pounds
Where to get it:

Toy dog carriers #7
Canini Nina

Those designer toy dog carrier is made from pebble embossed leather and comes in an azure blue combination mixed with brown and brown lining. With ventilation on 3 sides and a dual zipper rollup window, your pup will be pleased as punch in its miniature mansion.

As for the inside, the Canini Nina bag has stain resistant cotton lining and removable fuax fur padding. And to ensure your dog stays put, a collar latch will keep it from jumping out and away.

Cost: $275
Dog weight: Up to 10 pounds
Where to get it:

Toy dog carriers #8
Park Avenue Leather Dog Carrier
With hand-painted leather and stamped with a mock crocodile pattern, this pink and red designer toy dog bag offers up 2 side vents, a side pocket and 2 zipper ends, providing you with both style and function.

People will definitely take notice when you strut around the city with your pup in this beautiful leather carrier.

Cost: $345
Dog weight: Up to 10 pounds
Where to get it:

Toy dog carriers to go

While some toy dog carriers can run you a pretty penny, you know that you’re adorable little bunny is worth every cent, and then some. So get yourself a long-lasting and stylish toy dog carrier and you and your pooch will be living it up in style.

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