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March 19, 2008

American Idol 7 Recap - March 19, 2008

Well, I'm guessing Michael Jackson (who owns the rights to The Beatles music) cut a deal with Rupert Murdoch (who owns FOX), because this week is The Beatles week, because last week the Paul McCartney/John Lennon just wasn't enough, it seems.

But I digress; let's get to the singers:

Amanda Overmyer
Sang: Back in the USSR
Outcome: The band drowned her out and she's really starting to sound monotonous. She brings nothing new to the table. And she should really consider changing that skunk hair.

Kristy Lee Cook
Sang: You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Outcome: This girl is not a good singer, she's not even a mediocre singer. What was interesting is that she told Simon Cowell, "I can blow you out of your socks and you know it." I bet.

David Archuleta
Sang: The Long and Winding Road
Outcome: He's a grest singer, no doubt, but you can tell he has that arrogant, "yeah I know you all dig me" attitude. And why does he always seem like he's going to cry when Ryan is giving out the number to call or text?!?

Michael Johns
Sang: A Day in the Life
Outcome: He moves like Jim Morrison and sounded great, although the judges did not agree. At the end of the day though, we are the people and the people are the power. Funny part came when Paula Abdul was telling him that he probably sounded off because he was too busy listening to himself in the earpiece, but he wasn't wearing one! Idiot.

Brooke White
Sang: Here Comes the Sun
Outcome: She's not a great singer, it's pretty evident but her personality is a great one. She admits that she's awkward (she has 0 rhythm) and we can all love her for it.

David Cook
Sang: Daytripper
Outcome: Last week he covered "Eleanor Rigby" and ripped off the cover from a band called Doxology; this week he went with Whitesnake's version of this song... and it was awesome once again. But Simon was right when he told him that he's acting a bit smug. And was it just me or did Ryan Seacrest really want to suck on that voice box that David had just blown into?

Carly Smithson
Sang: Blackbird
Outcome: This chick comes out with guns blazing every week and she keeps switching it up and surprising me. She was fantastic and showed America that the Irish can do a lot more than drink and find their lucky charms.

Jason Castro
Sang: Michelle
Outcome: Meh, it wasn't that big a deal, but his pretty little face always makes me smile. But buddy did have camel toe; those jeans he decided to wear were waaaaaaaaay too tight. Let the twig and berries breathe, dude.

Syesha Mercado
Sang: Yesterday
Outcome: I thought she was going home last week because, well, she was boring, but this week she really blew me away with her version of this song. And the acoustic guitar was a wonderful addition. I think she has nothing to worry about tomorrow.

Chikezie Ezie
Sang: I've Just Seen A Face
Outcome: What the f*$^ was that?!? First off, this guy really looks like Freddie Jackson; second, what the hell was this guy thinking, busting out a harmonica? Awful... and I'm being nice.

Ramiele Malubay
Sang: I Should've Known Better
Outcome: Holy tish, this chick is so boring. Even her cute little face can't save her. I know she can sing because I've heard her do so on past shows, but it seems that whoever's giving her advice is working against her because she's been sucking worse than a porn star on the clock.

Prediction: The bottom three will be Kristy Lee Cook, Ramiele Malubay and Amanda Overmyer. Hopefully this will be the week that we see Kristy go home. For the love of God, man, put her out of her misery.

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