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March 5, 2008

American Idol 7 Recap March 5, 2008

So here's the rundown on the boys from American Idol 7:Danny Noriega is a flaming homosexual and his rendition of "Tainted Love" made me want to take the shower and scrub all the purple highlights out of my mind.

David Hernandez, who I was having sex with on a daily basis in my mind, proved that he's a flamer by singing a Celine Dion song. And before that he discussed a booger that was up his nose for a photoshoot; it was probably dried sperm.

Luke Menard also put it out there that he may like getting it from behind when he performed Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." And that's not the worst part... his most embarrassing moment is about him dressed up like a chick when he was kid and he tries to blame his sister for it. Yeah right.

David Cook did a great version of "Hello" by Lionel Richie.

The rest of the guys are more of less irrelevant. Oh, and David Archuleta, yeah, he's creepy, bigtime. And what's with the lip-licking? Does he think he's LL Cool J or something?

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