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March 23, 2008

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Vital Stats
Birth Name:
Angelina Jolie Voight
Birth Date: June 4, 1975
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California
Height: 5’8”
Romantic Link: Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie Interesting Facts
As a child, Angelina Jolie dreamed of becoming a funeral director.

Angelina Jolie performed all of her own stunts in the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Angelina Jolie Biography
Angelina Jolie Voight was born on June 4, 1975 in Los Angeles, California, to parents Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. Before she was even 2, however, her parents split up and her mom moved to New York with her and her brother, James Haven.

Growing up, Angelina’s mom would take her to see many movies, which is why Angelina decided that she wanted to become an actress when she was all of 7. It was in 1982 that she got her first role in a movie co-written by and starring her father Jon.

Angelina experiments in S&M

Although it’s hard to believe today, growing up was not easy for Angelina. At 11, her mother decided to move the family back to Los Angeles. Angelina enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Institute because she wanted to become a serious actress.

But because of her braces, glasses and extreme thinness, she was constantly taunted. If that weren’t bad enough, Angelina’s mother wasn’t rich, so she often had to wear clothes from thrift shops.

With her confidence slipping into nothingness, Angelina began to cut herself in order to feel better and, by the time she was 14, she began dating a punk rocker and the two would engage in some serious S&M, to the extent that she even asked him to use a blade along her jaw line.

Angelina dropped out of acting school, began donning black all the time and even dyed her hair purple.

At 16, the relationship came to an end and Angelina decided that she needed to get her life back on track. She enrolled in acting school once again and made her stage debut in 1991 playing, oddly enough, a dominatrix in the play “Room Service.”

Angelina Jolie stars in Hackers

Angelina’s first real foray into legitimate film was a starring role in 1993’s Cyborg 2, in which she played a seductive robot who had to make her way into the headquarters of her creator’s rival and blow herself up.

Next came Hackers, a 1995 movie in which Jolie would meet and marry her first husband Jonny Lee Miller. In 1996, Jolie wore black leather pants and a white top with Jonny’s name scrawled along the back in her own blood to say her wedding vows. Only three years later, the two divorced.

Angelina is Girl, Interrupted

Starring roles in films came pouring in and between 1996 and 1999, Jolie starred in nine films, one of which was Girl, Interrupted, the movie that won her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

But that wasn’t the only award Angelina won; she starred in three TV movies, two of which she won Golden Globe Awards for. First, she played Cornelia Wallace in 1997’s George Wallace, the biopic of the segregationist Governor of Alabama who was shot and paralyzed during his run for President.

Then came 1998’s Gia, another biopic about a lesbian, drug addicted supermodel from the ‘70s, who eventually succumbed to AIDS. Jolie received incredible praise for her portrayal of the model.

Angelina marries Billy Bob

By the time 2000 rolled around, Jolie was already a mainstay in tabloids due to her openness about sex and her love of knives. If that weren’t enough, she married Billy Bob Thornton one year after her divorce to Jonny Lee.

The couple was very open about their sexual habits and frequency, and the media and fans ate up every word they said and move they made. Considering their 20-year age difference, however, most people were betting that it wouldn’t last.

Angelina adopts Maddox, gets divorced

Professionally, 2000 was a good year for Jolie; she had already starred alongside Nicolas Cage in Gone in Sixty Seconds, and was set to star as the video game goddess Lara Croft in the 2001 release Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

By 2001, Angelina’s personal life began to crumble. During the making of the film Beyond Borders (2003) with costar Clive Owen, Angelina noticed that there was so much pain and suffering in the world and wanted to make a difference.

While her happiness grew because she adopted a Cambodian boy named Maddox in 2001, and became a Good Will Ambassador for the United Nations, her husband couldn’t deal with the changes that Jolie was undergoing and the two divorced in 2002.

Angelina Jolie in Alexander

While Angelina was trying to make the world a better place and finalizing her divorce in 2003, her father Jon was giving TV interviews, saying that his daughter had serious mental problems and needed help. This, needless to say, created serious tension between them and Angelina cut him out of her life.

2004 was another busy year for Jolie, as she starred in Taking Lives with Ethan Hawke, whose unfortunate affair with Montreal model Jen Perzow left him in divorce court with his then-wife Uma Thurman, and overshadowed the film.

After that came the animated comedy, A Shark Tale, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and Alexander, a movie in which Angelina played Colin Farrell’s mother – perhaps the worst casting in the history of film.

Angelina becomes Brangelina

It was in 2005, however, that Angelina would become an everyday news story for the tabloids. While filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith with co-star Brad Pitt, rumors ran rampant that the two were having an affair (Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time).

The couple neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, but after Brad and Jen filed for divorce, things were clear. Soon the couple was heading to Africa together, where they adopted Zahara in 2005.

After Pitt’s divorce was finalized late in 2005, Jolie and Pitt finally came clean about their relationship and even had their own child, Shiloh Nouvel, on May 27, 2006. The two continue to pursue humanitarian causes together. In 2007, they adopted a 3-year-old Vietnamese boy named Pax.

In 2006, Angelina filmed A Mighty Heart, the story about the wife of slain reporter Daniel Pearl.

Angelina Jolie is currently carrying twins (a boy and a girl) and reportedly wants to give birth in 2008 in France. It is also rumored that she and the Pitt brood want to reside there permanently.

Keep an eye out for Angelina in 2008, as you can spot her looking quite sexy in Wanted, Changeling and Atlas Shrugged.

IMDb - Angelina Jolie

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Anonymous said...

I challenge Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to spend those obscene reserves held by their 'Jolie-Pitt' Foundation on legitimate efficient 'humanitarian' work or turn the funds over to others who will. To date, they have taken in $22,000,000 on the sale of baby photos alone and spent or granted only a fraction of that on 'humanitarian' work or 'good will' of any kind. The rest so far, has been spent on PR campaigns, plane rides, and super-high end accomodations for Brad and Angie in exotic locations around the world. I also challenge them to meet the criteria of a legitimate charity, operate with a reasonable overhead, and get their 'foundation' worthy of a decent rating by ANY independent watchdog like Otherwise, to stop using their 'foundation' as a travel/PR firm and stop seeking publicity for every donation made to their own 'foundation' shortly before or after the premier of their latest film or DVD release. I challenge Brad Pitt to do the same with his 'Make it right' Foundation. Which to date, has not met the criteria of a legitimate charity or been given a decent rating by ANY independent charity watchdog. Otherwise, to stop competing with 'Habitat for Humanity' for PR, credit, kudos, and funding. Who by the way have been building homes for the less fortunate in every major city including New Orleans for decades. 'Habitat for Humanity' has been 'Top Rated' for years by and others. They operate with a low overhead, volunteer workforce, and donated materials. No similar effort can match their progress hour for hour or dollar for dollar. The homes built by 'Habitat' actually get lived in by the less fortunate. It works. In fact, hundreds of legitimate charities have been given good-excellent ratings by and other independent watchdog groups. By contrast, the vast, overwhelming majority of celebrity 'foundations' have been rated poorly, fair, or not rated at all. They usually don't even meet the criteria of a legitimate charity. Still, they have the nerve to seek funding from a number of sources including ordinary people, compete with legitimate charities, and cash in on maximum PR for their ineficient 'humanitarian' efforts. Its not right.


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