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March 17, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling Recap - March 18, 2008

Wow, that was quite an opening for The Bachelor London Calling . Matt Grant is hot, I have to admit; he's 6'5", 27, rich, charming, smart, funny, and as sexy as a Brit could be, I suppose.

The women, however, didn't move me.

One woman, though, stood out among the rest. Her name is Stacey, she's 26, and a Graduate Student by day, big-time ho by night. To start, she bore the cliche skank back tattoo, and when she met him, she essentially wanted to have sex with him right then and there.

Stacey proceeded to get smashed and talk complete stupidness whilst snorting laughter at her own lyrics. Here's one of her many gems: "I want to run a pharmaceutical that cures something that no one has thought of." All this while she was rubbing his leg with her hand and trying to run her shoe up his pants. Genius.

After Matt Grant was done laughing at how dumb she was, she actually took off her white underwear and tried to stuff it into his non-existent pocket while he was talking to another woman.

I was sure that clarinet girl, Michelle, would get the boot after she busted out her instrument, but I was wrong.

Oh, and Shayne was talking about her stint as an actress, and how she comes from a family of very successful and famous actors. Her dad is Lorenzo Lamas... remember the guy from the reality show Are You Hot? where he used a laser pointer to point out all the women's flaws? Yeah, uber-famous...

Amanda R. got the first impression rose, and I think she's the prettiest one of them all.

Ashlee, a 22-year-old singer-songwriter reminds me of a Helen Hunt spawn.

10 chicks got the boot tonight, among them were Stacey (the drunken whore), Alyssa, Amanda P., Denise, Devon, Lesley, Michele, Rebecca, Tamara, and Tiffany.

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