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March 24, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling Recap - March 24, 2008

To start, Matt Grant is quite possibly the hottest bachelor in The Bachelor history...

Now, onto the dates:

Date #1 was with 8 girls and took place in Hollywood. First the girls would be the models in a fashion show, then he took them to a penthouse suite in some random place to "get to know them better."

Of note, Holly moonwalked down the runway. She thought it was cool, I thought it was stupid. Matt had no reaction. Amanda R. was smart as she removed her shirt on the runway to reveal a gold bra. Otherwise, it was really uneventful.

Then at the penthouse, Ashlee (the singer) quickly whisked Matt into the bedroom and made out with him. I'm guessing all the blood flowed straight to his penis because he ended up giving her that one rose that was sitting in the place, ensuring that she would live to see another day.

What's funny about it is that the 22-year-old little sh*t starting gloating and throwing it in the other girls' faces. He says "it sucks that I only get to give away one rose," and she pipes in with "no it's not!"

Michelle P., or clarinet girl, didn't bust out her instrument this time around, but she did serenade the poor dude. I gotta hand it to him, he managed to keep a straight face. Haven't these girls watched the last million seasons of this show? Don't they know that the girls who sing go home?!?

Date #2 was with the other 7 girls and took place in Las Vegas. They started off gambling in Hotel Paris and finished of in the Napoleon suite.

Right off the bat, we could see that Shayne, Lorenzo Lamas' daughter, was taking over Stacey's nut job duties. She pulled Matt aside and started telling him that she shouldn't have to compete for his affections. Then, of course, she had the essential bathroom breakdown. For some reason, they kept cutting to her talking to the camera. I guess she's really milking it trying to get a gig in the future.

Kelly won 30 minutes of alone time with Matt by winning a gambling competition and she ended off the date by saying, "Aw, now we gotta go see all the other bitches." This made Matt crack up. I guess he feels that way too.

Chelsea, who seems like she's pretty down to earth, ended up getting the rose in the room, to the dismay of Shayne, who completely lost it after that.

Robin, I must say, is just not right. I think that the day he rejects her, we're going to see a really bizarre side to her. You just wait. Luckily, she made out with him just before the rose ceremony and finagled her way onto the next show.

Marshana got jealous when she realized that Robin made out with him so she threw herself at him but he didn't bite because all the other scamps were watching. But the fact that she was dying to kiss him won her a rose anyway.

Carrie, another idiot, busted out in song, which is probably why she got the boot.

Shayne saved her ass by apologizing to Matt for her ego trip the night before and he fell for it. I guess she's a better actor than her dad.

Matt busted a move for the girls and although he has no rhythm, you gotta love him for trying. I must say, Matt Grant is the hottest bachelor yet.

So, to recap, the Top 12 are:
Erin S.
Amanda (the hiccup girl)

The 3 rejects were:
Erin H.
Michelle P.

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