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March 31, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling Recap - March 31, 2008

And then there were 9...

To start, Matt chose Holly for his first one on one date, and for a while there, it felt like he was out with his sister.

They went to Mann's Chinese Theater, walked a fake red carpet, were interviewed by fake reporters and put their hands and names in cement (he wrote Matt + Holly and she wrote Matt loves Holly). The cement was then shipped off to the girls at home to piss them off. They watched a prescreening of Made of Honor starring Patrick Dempsey.

The couple then went to the top of some hotel and he told her that he felt almost too comfortable with her. Ring the alarm! I was right, she's like his sister. But he made out with her in the hot tub anyway and then gave her a rose.

Next was a group date with 10 of the girls: Ashlee, Chelsea, Amanda, Kristine, Noelle, Kelly, Robin, Marshana, Erin, and Amy. They ended up playing a game of rugby to start, and Robin really wowed him with her linebacker moves. Ashlee got picked last when it came time to choose teams and Chelsea cracked me up when she said, "When you wear fake eyelashes to a rugby game, you deserve to get picked last." Well said.

Then all the ladies were taken to Matt's place, which is heaven on earth, and he chose to take Kelly for a one on one massage. Now I don't know about you, but this chick looks at least 40 to me. And she looks like she's been beaten down by father time.

Robin managed to get him into a hot tub and made out with him, and for some reason, he gave her a rose.

Finally, Shayne was selected for the final date and I'm guessing it's because Matt wanted to see if she was worth keeping. This girl is a 22-year-old flake who can't act her way out of a paper bag and yet, Matt's penis likes her. A lot.

He even says, "Sometimes I think Shayne's one sandwich short of a picnic and the next I thik she's the best thing since sliced bread." Anyhow, she also got a rose.

At the pre-rose ceremony, the girls got together and laid down a verbal beatdown for Robin who wanted some one on one time with Matt (she already got a rose), but this girl is not right in the head, as I've mentioned before, and she stood her ground.

So the final 9 are as follows:


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