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March 25, 2008

Entertainment News - March 25, 2008

Remember George Michael? That good-looking guy with the great ass that everyone wanted to take a bite out of? Well, he went the route of Mickey Rourke and destroyed his face. Now he looks like a clown with facial hair and may be coming to a town near you in concert. (dListed)

Kevin Federline turned 30 over the long weekend and yet he's still acting like a kid who got rich by fluke. Oh wait... (Celebrity Rumors)

If Johnny Depp weren't already perfect enough, he has agreed to help try to revive a girl who has been in a come for 5 months. Depp is her favorite actor. (ICYDK)

A man was found dead at Mel Gibson's home after an apparent suicide. (Handbag)

It's official Pam Anderson has been divorced for the 3rd time now. (TMZ)

Check out this hilarious clip from Superhero Movie; this guy nails Tom Cruise - no not like that, I mean he imitates him, perv.

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