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March 6, 2008

Entertainment News - March 6, 2008

When a London restaurant insisted that Amy Winehouse put out her cigarette due to the law, Amy pressed the lit cigarette into her cheek to the horror of the other diners. That's why her face is a mess; not because she has some weird contagious disease. Although that wouldn't be too far-fetched. (Handbag)

Because Sheryl Crow has no news to report about herself, she thought it a good idea to tell the world that Jennifer Aniston dumped Brad Pitt and not the other way around. Uhh, right. (dListed)

Angelina Jolie is very good at keeping her baby bump under wraps, but those gargantuan breasts are a dead giveaway. (Just Jared)

Demi Moore and her three very androgynous daughters are inside the pages of Harper's Bazaar. (ICYDK)

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