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March 7, 2008

Entertainment News - March 7, 2008

Check out Willa Ford in the new Anna Nicole Smith movie.

Apparently Ashlee Simpson was hammered during a radio interview today. Personally I think she was just being her stupid giggly self. That's what happens when you don't lip synch. Listen to it here.

Sarah Jessica Parker takes a mental wipeout. Ouch! (dListed)

Eva Longoria opens up a restaurant called Beso. Probably because she can't cook a lick and needs a personal chef. (Gossip Girls)

Kelly Rowland, one of the "other" girls from Destiny's Child, admits that she got implants. I'm not sure if any of you noticed but she was flat as a board beforehand. Maybe if she got them while she was in the group, she woulda got some more video time. (Just Jared)

Brooke Burke gave birth to her fourth child and first son. (ICYDK)

Stupid women constantly send suggestive pictures of themselves to Drunken Stepfather, and most of the time they're laughable, but this particular image is of a dumb chick whose baby son is sitting on the bed watching her take pictures of herself in a thong. Seriously stupid. (Drunken Stepfather)

Who has the worse hair? John Travolta and nasty hair piece, or Tom Hanks and his awful hair transplant? (Showbiz News)

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