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April 30, 2008

American Idol 7 Recap - April 30, 2008

And then there were 4.

American Idol 7 started off the night with the Idols singing a bunch of songs in tribute to Neil Diamond. It was incredibly amateur and awful at best. For a show with so many viewers and a sh*tload of money, you'd think a little professionalism would be in order.

Then Ryan Seacrest walked us into a recap of last night's performances; Paula Abdul's screw up didn't make the cut.

But upon returning, Ryan mentioned the fiasco and said that, despite all the rumors circulating on the Internet about Paula, she is part of the Idol family and they are not true. I knew it; they're not prescribed.

Then it was time to call out a couple of contestants:

Jason Castro: You are safe
David Archuleta: You are safe

Wow, there's a freakin' shocker. After the commercial we returned to a great big promo for So You Think You Can Dance, which airs on May 22, 2008. Then it was time to call out more contestants:

David Cook: You are safe
Syesha Mercado: You are in the bottom 2
Brooke White: You are in the bottom 2

Natasha Bedingfield showed up to promote herself and sang "Take Me Away," which is a great song, by the way.

Ryan then took some calls from viewers and one of them was a woman who kissed Simon Cowell when he was all of 8 years old. He called her his first crush. It was nice to see Simon blush, although his chest is always red.

We returned to witness another Ford ad; it was cute but nothing spectacular.

Neil Diamond then performed "Pretty Amazing Grace" off his new album. It was like watching an old fart at a child's party.

Finally, it was time to decide one person's fate.

Brooke White was sent home tonight. And boy did she ever have a meltdown. It was touching and brought tears to my eyes.

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