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April 6, 2008

Andrea Jung

Andrea Jung Vital Stats
Birth Name: Andrea Jung (pinyin: Zhōng Bīnxián)
Birth Date: 1959
Birth Place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Romantic Link: Michael Gould
Claim To Fame: President & CEO of Avon

Andrea Jung Interesting Facts

Andrea Jung graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University with a degree in English Literature in 1979.

Andrea Jung is fluent in Mandarin and English, and can carry on a conversation in Cantonese and French.

Andrea Jung named a line of Avon products after her younger brother, Mark Jung.

Andrea Jung Biography

Andrea Jung, born in 1959 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, was raised by a chemical engineer and pianist mother who immigrated from Shanghai and an architect father who emigrated from Hong Kong. Andrea and her younger brother Mark seemed to be destined for greatness because they came from highly educated and go-getting parents who settled for nothing less than greatness.

When Andrea was only 2 years old, the family relocated to Wellesley, Massachusetts, because her father got a job teaching at MIT.

Andrea Jung attends Princeton

As she got older, Andrea was speaking Mandarin and English fluently and began to pick up French and Cantonese as well. By the time she was 17 years old, Andrea was already attending Princeton University.

When she was all of 20, Andrea received her Bachelor’s Degree magna cum laude (with great honor) in English Literature. Without missing a beat, Andrea joined the management trainee program at Bloomingdale’s.

Andrea Jung joins Bloomingdale’s

Her family, who expected more from Andrea at the time, was somewhat disappointed at her decision to go into retail when there were so many other opportunities of grandeur awaiting their daughter, but it seemed Andrea trusted her own judgment instead.

By 1985, Andrea had already become the Vice President of Sales and Merchandising Manager at Bloomingdale’s, and was beginning to get noticed in her industry. That same year, Andrea was lured away by J.W. Robinson’s, and spent two years as a General Merchandising Manager there.

By 1987, Andrea was looking for another challenge, as she felt that she had done all she could for J.W., and ended up at I. Magnin, in the position of Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager.

Andrea Jung marries Micheal Gould

By 1991, Jung once again hopped off her current position, this time to join Neiman Marcus as its Executive Vice President. In her three years with the company, Andrea made some key connections with many household fashion names including Donna Karan and Anne Sutherland Fuchs, who was, at the time, the publisher of Vogue.

During her time at Neiman Marcus, Andrea married Bloomingdale’s CEO Michael Gould in 1993, and moved to Manhattan, New York, from San Francisco. It was during this time that Andrea began to capitalize on her image as a successful woman and, as a result, began appearing in local newspapers on the society pages.

It was in 1994 that Andrea Jung, an already established success, made the move that has garnered her the most attention to date: she joined Avon Cosmetics Company as the President of Product Marketing. Andrea quickly got to work by giving Avon products a complete redesign, and her keen eye for what works was quickly noticed by then CEO James E. Preston.

Andrea takes Avon worldwide

By 1996, Andrea was promoted to President of Global Marketing and only a year later, she became the Executive Vice President/President of Global Marketing and New Business.

Andrea, however, was initially passed up for Preston’s position of CEO in 1997, due to her lack of experience with all operations of the business. Instead Duracell CEO Charles Perrin, was hired to run Avon. Only one year later, after Perrin didn’t achieve the desired results, Andrea was finally named CEO of the company.

At age 40, in her first full year as CEO, Andrea visited 20 different countries and has since taken Avon across borders and all over the world. Most recently, she managed to recruit Patrick Dempsey as the face of Avon's male line. In 2007, Andrea came in at number 30 on Forbes’ list of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World and number 9 on Fortune's list of the 50 Most Powerful Women of 2007.

Currently, Andrea lives in New York with her husband and two children, one son (adopted) and one daughter. She is, in essence, doing it all.

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