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April 21, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling Recap - April 21, 2008

And then there were 3.

Tonight Matt Grant went to each of the 4 women's hometowns on The Bachelor London Calling.

#1 Shayne
Matt started off in Los Angeles, where he met Shayne's famous actor dad Lorenzo Lamas first (her parents are divorced). Off the bat, Lorenzo sold her out by telling Matt that she wanted to be on TV, but more than that, she wanted to be a star.

When Shayne made it clear that she's only there for Matt, Lorenzo back pedalled by saying he was just "testing" her. Mmm, hmm.

Then there was this moment between father and daughter that truly warranted an Emmy.

After that, Matt and Shayne were off to her mother's house, Michele Smith is her name, and boy was her mom a sight for a plastic surgeon's eyes. The woman gave Donnatella Versace a run for her money in the looks department. But alas, she was a very sweet woman with a genuine interest in her daughter's life.

#2 Chelsea
Next Matt headed off to Durango, Colorado to meet Chelsea's parents, and to be quite honest, nothing of real interest happened. Her dad gave her great advice and she made out with Matt like a champion before he split.

#3 Noelle
Matt then hopped on a bus to get to Loveland, Colorado (kidding, he probably took a private jet) to meet Noelle's parents. Again, they were wonderful, down to earth people who told their daughter that she was holding back too much and she should just go for it.

#4 Amanda
I was fooled into thinking this was real by the promos for the show, but it turns out that Amanda decided to hire actors to play her parents in order to play a joke on Matt, and boy was it hilarious!

First, her fake mom kept laughing at the weirdest times, making Matt feel awkward. Then her fake dad started asking if the 2 had been intimate already. And while Matt was outside trying to convince the fake dad that he cared for Amanda, fake mom went out and asked to be alone with him. She starting hitting on him by rubbing his chest and then trying to make out with him, at which point fake dd caught them and started freaking out.

At this point Amanda told him that he had been punked and he was a great sport about it. Then he met her real, and very normal parents, and the evening turned out to be quite pleasant.

Finally, it was time for Matt to pick his 3 women:


Noelle was kicked off and, I have to admit, she had the most elegant exit I have ever seen on the show.

Next week, the foursome is headed to Barbados so stay tuned.

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