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April 28, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling Recap - April 28, 2008

And then there were 2.

We started off in beautiful Barbados where the weather was perfect but we never really got to see Matt Grant without his clothes on. Even when he swam, the chest and abs areas were avoided by the camera. I think someone needs to work on their pecs.

#1 Shayne

Matt met up with Shayne "Lamas" and the two went jet skiing and then jumped up and down on a water trampoline where Shayne got to show Matt just how flexible she was, splits and all. Guys just love that sort of thing.

Then during dinner, Shayne admitted that she was falling in love with Matt, and the sucker that he is, Matt believed it. He told her he was falling for her as well. The two spent the evening in the fantasy suite together and Shayne performed fellatio on him. Or so I'm guessing.

#2 Amanda
The couple started off by going zip riding (I think that's what it's called), and then had their dinner where Amanda got to tell Matt that, like, she really, like, is, like, falling for him, like, and she doesn't, like, not want to spend her, like, life with him. Ugh, it was so annoying.

Needless to say, they spent the evening in the fantasy suite and she likely talked his ear off the entire evening.

#3 Chelsea
The date started off awkwardly enough; Chelsea barely touched Matt the entire time, and he was feeling abandoned, especially considering the last two were on him like white on rice.

They started off the date by going snorkeling and it seemed that Matt was more intimate with a sea turtle than he was with Chelsea.

But then day turned to night and they had dinner; Chelsea admitted that she's been distant because she was having a tough time dealing with the fact that he was spending intimate time with 2 other girls.

Then she agreed to spend the night in the fantasy suite and changed into this sexy dress and became this vamped sex kitten that I always knew she could be. Needless to say, Matt had a hard on like nobody's business.

Rose Ceremony
Finally it was time for Matt to send one of the girls packing. Amanda was kicked off the show and boy, she didn't take it well.

She sat down at a bench with him, and like, couldn't, like, understand why, like, he did this. He explained that he felt closer to the other two although he meant every word he said to her.

She told him she didn't believe him and said, "You're a complete douchebag for doing this." ABC censored the word douchebag, but last I checked douching was not a dirty thing (pun not intended). Matt was at a loss for words, probably because douchebag is not part of his lexicon. Bullocks.

Next week, all the girls return to the show for a Q&A period, which will be fun, no doubt, and Shayne and Chelsea get to meet Matt's parents. Stay tuned.

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