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April 7, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling Recap - April 7, 2008

Tonight's episode of The Bachelor London Calling was pretty good because there was a group date, a one on one date and a two on one date, in which Matt Grant had to send one of the girls home.

And then there were 6.

The group date consisted of tennis and tea and the girls on the date were:

Matt went off about how "ridiculously hot" Chelsea looked and, wouldn't you know it?, she got the rose.

Matt took Ashlee for some one on one time and the idiot broke into song again and kept giggling after every second word.

Shayne proved that she used to ge a gymnast by doing a walking handstand and flipping backwards.

Robin took Matt away for some alone time and the girls pulled out the knives. When she got back, Shayne confronted her about how she's playing the game and Robin started crying. Great way to deflect...

The one on one date was a '50s style date that Amanda got to go on. It started out at Ricky & Ronnie's diner, and after some awkward dancing, Matt gave her the rose and they headed off to an amusement park.

The two on one date was at Matt's place and Marshana and Holly were the invitees. We all thought that Holly was the shoe in, but after much deliberation, Matt decided that they just didn't click (she's more like a sister than a lover) and he decided to go with Marshana. Holly was dismissed instantly.

Pre-rose ceremony, Matt, who was in a very somber mood, took Ashlee for some one on one time and asked her what she'd do if she moved with him to the UK and her music career fizzled. She choked in the worst way with lots of "ums" and "likes" used to say nothing. He wasn't impressed.

Noelle was good and although nothing spectacular occurred, it was a good conversation.

Kelly, who always seems stoned or drunk, decided that flashing her breasts at Matt during their one on one time would ease the tension between them and yet, it seemed like Matt wished he had been swallowed up by the ground.

Finally, Shayne got her moment to shine and she and Matt spent most of their alone time making out. She's got this part down pat.

So now it was time for the rose ceremony, and Matt had to hand out three roses: two girls were going to say "sayonara."

The 6 girls who got roses were:

The two remaining rejects were:
Ashlee (who broke down then broke into song)
Kelly (who went off about how awesome she was and how any "dude" would be lucky to date her)

See you next week.

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