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April 18, 2008

Priscilla Presley Disses Kelly Ripa

I love Kelly Ripa and look forward to seeing her on Regis & Kelly in the morning. On April 17, 2008, Priscilla Presley was a guest on the show because she had been kicked off Dancing With the Stars that week.

During the interview, Kelly interrupts Regis to ask Priscilla a question (as they always do with each other) and Priscilla said, "Sorry Regis I didn't hear you because Kelly butted in."

Needless to say, Kelly made a weirded out face and, the classy lady that she is, just sat there for the rest of the interview with a smile on her face and said nothing more.

Priscilla and her botched plastic surgery, zombie face are no longer welcome here.


Anonymous said...

It was obvious that she (Presley) had animosity towards Kelly. I loved Kelly when she was AMC and still love her now. She makes us Female Gen-xers look darn successful and good. Unfortunately it hurts me to say but I think the majority of people who are taking Presley’s side are probably baby boomers or older and miss Kathy Lee. I love Regis, but when I was in Junior & Senior high I was not feeling Kathy Lee. But come folks let’s keep it real. Regis and whoever it is, in show biz world is a product. Just like the Tonight show went from Steve Allen, to Jack Paar, to Johnny Carson, to Jay Leno and eventually Conan O’Brien…the buck had to pass. I am very proud of Kelly. As far as I know…she has had 1 husband, her children all have the same father and it has not been sub stained that he has any type of drug or alcohol problems or is a pedophile (Lisa Marie Yawl). Kelly is a successful business woman. Any way my Boomers and older, support the youth, teach us, respect those of us who have worked hard to get where we are in life…respect us as you want to be respected.

Love and Peace,

Anonymous said...

It didn't even look like Kelly was interrupting. Kelly started to ask a question, then Regis started his question. Priscilla should apologize to Kelly whether it was Kelly's fault or not. I think Kelly did very well.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Kelly actually had started asking her question BEFORE Regis started to ask his. It was split second timing and it just happened that way. Kelly certainly didn't just butt in to interrupt Reeg as Priscilla tried to say she did. I think Miss Priss was just waiting for an opportunity to jump on Kelly; for whatever her reason(s). I believe Regis' reaction of what looked to be that of shock and disbelief were warranted and appropriate. Priscilla's cackling seems like an awkward and unsuccessful attempt to cover up her true feelings and intentions. She obviously doesn't like Kelly. I thought Kelly's reaction was justified and reasonable; she knew that was an attack against her. I have a whole lot less respect for Priscilla now. Yes, Priscilla should apologize and do so publicly.

Anonymous said...

I'm 53 and I thought that Priscilla was very arrogant to behave that way to Kelly. She was a guest on their show and should have shown a little more class. I think she is afraid (really afraid) of getting older and is very jealous of younger, prettier women. You behaved wonderfully, Kelly!


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