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May 5, 2008

The Bachelor London Calling Recap - May 5, 2008

I have to warn you: this is the most dramatic recap of The Bachelor London Calling... EVER!

So tonight was The Women Tell All episode and it was interesting to say the least.

We opened up with drunken Stacey who swears that she's nothing like that cursing, underwear-giving whore she portrayed on the first episode. She just wanted to do something that would leave an impression on Matt Grant because she was comepting against 24 other women. Yeah, give him your discharge laden underwear, that ought to work... un-for-gett-able.

Then we moved on to Robin and the drama she stirred in the house. Although she spoke well and defended her behavior pretty honestly, I still think she's mildly psychotic. As she sat in the hot seat it became quite clear that she has no friends.

Marshana was next and I have to admit, she's very annoying and unlikeable. She was talking about how not everyone will end up liking her because that's a mathematical impossibility, but every single chick in the house wanted her to keel over. And when Robin tried to talk to her during the show she comes back with "Robin, you are dismissed." Yeah, you're a loser.

Then it was Amanda's turn to go over why she called Matt a douchebag and she admitted that it was because he wouldn't give her a straight answer and kept saying she was a great girl. Understandable, I'd probably have said something a little less PG. Luckily, we weren't disappointed with her time in the hot seat because they made a montage of her nervous hiccups and it was awesome. Sorry, actually, it was the most dramatic montage in Bachelor history...

Finally, a head-shaven Matt Grant made his appearance on the show and admitted to Amanda that he was turned off because she kept telling him how much she like "liked" him and not, like, how much she like "loved" him. As well, he just felt more strongly about Shayne and Chelsea.

It was kind of funny when he described Robin always interrupting and used the music from Jaws to describe the time she interrupted his and Shayne's alone time together. Classic.

And when Stacey was given the "last word" she opted to give Matt a pair of grandma underwear in lieu of her white thong because he didn't like them. I think it was less about the underwear and more about the skank who was wearing them sweetie. Sorry.

After a myriad of bloopers, the funniest of which was when Carri was saying she is "sweet as sugar" and one of the producers thought she was saying "Swedish hooker."

So stay tuned for next week's most romantic finale of The Bachelor EVER and in 2 weeks from now, Deanna, who got rejected from the last Bachelor emerges as the new Bachelorette.

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