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June 2, 2008

Entertainment News - June 2, 2008

Check out all the beauties with Egotastic's MTV Movie Awards Megapost. (Egotastic)

Mila Kunis rolls out of bed and decides it's a good idea to fill her tank up with gas. (Hollywood Tuna)

Rapper M.I.A. has decided to get married to US citizen Benjamin Brewer, who just happens to be the son of Warner Music chief Edgar Bronfman Jr., in order to stay and work in the US, where the money's good. (Jossip)

Sarah Jessica Parker found out that the Nina Ricci dress she wore to the NYC premiere of Sex and the City was actually worn on two other occasions by Lauren Davis and Lindsay Lohan, but she was told it was only worn for magazine shoots. Boy is SJP pissed. (dListed)

Tatum O'Neal was busted for possession of crack, but she told the cops it was reasearch for a movie role. Mmm, hmm. (Gossip Girls)

Forbes' Top 10 Earning Females list did not include Britney Spears this year. Who was number 1? Oprah Winfrey, of course, with $1.5 billion. (I'm Not Obsessed)

Kurt Cobain's ashes were stolen and Courtney Love is suicidal over it. (CeleBitchy)

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