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June 4, 2008

Entertainment News - June 4, 2008

Ladies, hold on to your vaginas; Justin Timberlake has been shopping around for an engagement ring and plans on proposing to girlfriend Jessica Biel! (CelebNewsWire)

Sienna Miller is single again after dumping Rhys Ifans for sifting through her text messages. I mean, could you really blame the guy for being a tad jealous... compare as we dare, shall we? (dListed)

If Megan Fox wanted every man on earth to run to the bathroom for a quick jerk, she succeeded by telling FHM magazine that she's a bit of a sexoholic and has the libido of a teenage boy. And you know what that means... premature ejaculation!!! (Egotastic)

Tyra Banks shows off how tough it is to be a model because of all the different ways they have to learn to smile. Wow, that's murder. (Hollywood Tuna)

Now, pictures of the Jolie-Pitt twins have reached the price tag of $22 million. That alone could stave off world hunger. (Jossip)

Hayden Panettiere leaves Crystal nightclub at 3 a.m.. In and of itself, it's really not newsworthy, but the fact that she's not falling down drunk is. (ICYDK)

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