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June 6, 2008

Entertainment News - June 6, 2008

Kate Beckinsale goes on and on about how fantastic her vagina is. But seriously, does she spend all day walking over mirrors on the floor? (CelebNewsWire)

Paris Hilton really looks like she's pregnant. It is the trendy thing to do, after all. (Egotastic)

They say it's all bull that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have actually had the twins, but where the hell are they? Everyone knows that Brad and Angelina go out with kids on a daily basis. (Jossip)

Whoa, did I miss the boat on this one; Vin Diesel and his model girlfriend Paloma Jiminez gave birth to a baby girl on April 2, 2008. (Celebrity Rumors)

Britney Spears' dad has reportedly offered Kevin Federline about $9 million to remarry his daughter. (I'm Not Obsessed)

Ryan Phillippe has finally gone public with his relationship with Abbie Cornish. The fact that he cheated on Reese Witherspoon with her is likely what kept him from doing to for so long. (CeleBtichy)

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