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July 5, 2008

Creaky Boards Accuses Coldplay of Plagiarism

Coldplay recently released their new album, Viva La Vida, and, as is no surprise, it shot straight to number one. Now, however, there is a little known band that has accused them of plagiarism. There's a good chance you have never heard of Creaky Boards - I hadn't either, until I discovered that they have a song - a song they were performing over a year ago - that sounds eerily like "Viva La Vida." The song is called "The Songs I Didn't Write."

The lyrics are different, mind you, but the melody is ridiculously the same. The band remembers noticing Chris Martin in the crowd when they were performing at a concert in New York last year and feeling crazy flattered about it.

So you decide: are these guys simply trying to get their 15 minutes, or do they have a legitimate case?

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