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July 16, 2008

Entertainment News - July 16, 2008

Jessica Alba sold the images of her new baby, Honor Marie Warren, to OK! magazine and tells them that she never yelled during labor and was very Zen the whole time. (CelebNewsWire)

Angelina Jolie and the twins will be leaving the hospital today the same way she went in - by helicopter - and some pappos have already chartered their own flights to get a snapshot of them. (Jossip)

Cristiano Ronaldo went to a club called Villa last night in Los Angeles and herpes-spokeswoman Paris Hilton was there, trying to hit on him. But Cristiano wasn't having it and ignored her disgusting ass. (dListed)

Eva Longoria claims she chopped off her hair and has gained weight for her role as Gabby on Desperate Housewives, but everyone's calling bullshit. (CeleBitchy)

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