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July 31, 2008

Entertainment News - July 31, 2008

Not sure if you've spied Britney Spears vacationing in Mexico of late, but it seems she has managed to return to her pre-Federline body, and everyone is wondering how she managed it. Well, when you gots the money, skinny comes more easily. (CelebNewsWire)

Guy Ritchie, who's noticed that he's no longer relevant, made it a point to tell the press that sugar is evil and kills more people than crack cocaine. I tend to agree, and I bet you Amy Winehouse does too. (dListed)

Elizabeth Taylor suffered from congestive heart failure and is in hospital. (ICYDK)

Rumors abound that Johnny Depp will star as The Riddler in the next Batman movie. Sounds good to me. (I'm Not Obsessed)

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