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August 15, 2008

Chris Brown, Rihanna Duet "Electric Guitar" Leaked

It was inevitable that two of the hottest chart toppers would get together and sing a song that would make the world swoon. Although Rihanna and Chris Brown continue to deny their love affair, myriad pappo pictures prove otherwise, showing them as quite the affectionate couple.

And so the two have planned to do a duet together in a song called "Electric Guitar" (Let Go), but unfortunately, the version that has Chris Brown on it has already been leaked online and the boy is furious.

Mmm, hmm, sure, I believe that. The song was "accidentally" leaked and now everyone will be buzzing about when these lovers will release this duet that will certainly have them in a video getting hot and heavy together. Yeah, I'm certain he's furious... furiously counting the dollars off of Rihanna's naked body.

Listen to Chris Brown - Electric Guitar (Let Go)


Anonymous said...

it aint even that hot

Anonymous said...

It sounds pretty good so far; for an unfinished version. Once he gets rhianna singing the parts meant for her it should be tight. I do believe it was a legitimate leak though; as he his singing verses that refer to a man i.e. the use of 'his' 'he' and then he switches to 'her' and 'she'(singing both verses as male and female. That and his singing was pretty rough in some spots because it meant for a higher pitch.

Anonymous said...

it will be an awesome song!

Anonymous said...

ok first of all how deep can u people be his has been entertaining us for years not only that but he is working his ass off tryin to make this sound original and it obviously has some value to him if he's gettin mad bout it bein leaked.......and it's sounds sick soo who said "it aint even that hot" ur an idiot .

Anonymous said...

yeah anonymous said that fuck u anonymous


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