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August 18, 2008

Shirtless Celeb Of The Day - Michael Phelps

Yes I know you saw Michael Phelps in all his shirtless glory at the 2008 Beijing Olympics where he managed to win 8 gold medals for the USA, but how's about a little freeze frame for all the ladies who happened to miss a couple of his glorious moments?

You can bet that he can add "richest man ever in the Olympics games" to his washboard ads. And yes, he is somewhat goofy-looking with his ears that stick out and his underbite, but what Michael Phelps lacks in beauty, he more than makes up for with his athleticism and determination.

He is a star athlete who has mastered his craft and that definitely makes him one sexy, sexy dude.


BroderWriter said...

I find Michael Phelps to be about as sexy as a turtle. Sure, he has an infectious grin, magnificent athleticism, and plenty o' charm--not to mention the wealth and fame factor. But somehow the way he talks through his nose--as though he needs a tonsillectomy, and the underbite--none of this power him up for me. That being said, he did appear in one of my dreams during the Olympics, and it was certainly not unpleasant. I wish him well. Just not my type.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a god! Michael, I think you are perfect from head to toe. Speaking of which, I would worship you from head to toe with a big smile on my face. Oh what a man!

Anonymous said...

Underbites are hideous. You bitches are fucking stupid.


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