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September 30, 2008

Janet Jackson Cancels Montreal Concert

After learning that boyfriend Jermain Dupri puked all over Janet Jackson during his birthday party last week, I figured it wasn't because he was terribly inebriated but rather that he couldn't control it because he was actually sick.

Turn out I was right, like usual, and now the sickness has spread to Janet Jackson who had to cancel her concert in Montreal on September 29, 2008 and be rushed to the hospital for treatment.

What was stupid about the whole scene was that producers of the show allowed for the stage setup and let al the fans in, leaving them waiting, only to cancel the concert a while later. I mean, it's not as if Janet Jackson's illness was sudden - the idiots knew she was sick.

Hopefully Janet Jackson is feeling better and she'll continue her fan seducing concert in no time.

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