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September 11, 2008

Kanye West Arrested

It was inevitable; Kanye West has been arrested and it's not because his gargantuan ego is a crime in and of itself - although it is. He got arrested at LAX airport for smashing a photographer's camera to the ground.

Who's camera was it? You guessed it; it belonged to a member of the TMZ crew. And you know they must've said something like "You didn't deserve to win a Grammy or an MTV award for the matter," which got Kanye West's goat and forced him to lunge at the dude, which led to his arrest.

So now Kanye West is in jail and you know he's going to bust a rhyme about this, then blog about it, then make a video discussing it, then make a video reenacting it, and so on and so forth...

Here's the video of Kanye West breaking the camera:

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