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September 9, 2008

Victoria Beckham New Hairstyle

So Victoria Beckham, who is considered a style icon despite her skeletal figure and pig nose, has decided to try a new hairstyle and change things up a bit. Personally, I think the new hairstyle makes Victoria Beckham look even skinnier, if that's even possible, but that's likely the look that Victoria Beckham going for with this new hairstyle anyway.

Of course, this means that all the Hollywood sheep [read: Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria] will soon be sporting this boy cut in no time, so we'll have a bunch of women who look like boys in Hollywood within weeks.

Now don't get me wrong; some women, namely Halle Berry, look phenomenal with a hairstyle such as this, but there aren't many Halle Berrys lurking around LA anymore.


Anonymous said...

I think that Victoria looks chic, mature and very natural with this cut. Its sooooo much better than the hair extensions and the blonde era.
This lady has got the imagination to be a style leader proving that you dont have to be six foot tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes in order to be beautiful.
And she is a mum to boot! well done Victoria you have my vote for hot.

Anonymous said...

as a hairdresser i was dying to see the new victoria beckham crop as i know that we'll be swamped with requests for it and yet again posh gets it right its amazing such a style icon the crop suits her pixie face and pencil physique well done vic!!!

Anonymous said...

thts a bit harsh.. vicky b looks amazing with her new haircut, she can show that any1 can b beautifal,


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