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October 8, 2008

Beyonce's If I Were A Boy Video

So here's the world premiere of Beyonce's new song called If I Were A Boy. It's a slow melody and it really doesn't cut it for me.

It sounds pretty tame, and Ciara's Like A Boy is 10 times better than this crud.

Looks to me like Beyonce might be taking some singing advice from her loser sister Solange.


Anonymous said...

stop hating.. Beyoncé sings better on this track than she's even done before. It's extremely raw, powerful, and personal, and something every girl on the planet can relate to. It definitely sounds promising for her upcoming album. GO B!

Anonymous said...

i dont understand why the video is not available for fans to watch!!! this is frustrating!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't B have a baby to get working on?


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