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October 1, 2008

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends Sarah Palin

After Sarah Palin screwed up by making fun of Joe Biden's age without realizing that John McCain is the oldest man that ever lived, The View's Joy Behar blasted her and, of course, Elisabeth Hasselbeck comes to her rescue, defending her blindly.

Of course, Barbara Walters gets hella pissed at Elisabeth Hasselbeck for defending her when it's so obvious that she screwed up. And when Barbara Walters confronts Elisabeth Hasselbeck about what would possibly make Sarah Palin a good president, Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns with another question: What would make Barack Obama a good president?

What a jackass. Someone should just fire her ass already.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, please get rid of her. Maybe she could move to Alaska and be just like Sarah!

jane doe 4 said...

Elizabeth Hasselbeck would defend the Republican ticket if they were cutting the heads off of babies and rolling them down the street. she is soooooo stuck in her "rightness" that she can't seem to see the truth. Her blanket blind support shows how ignorant she is and she loses there anyone left out there who can stand her at this point?? I wish they'd just fire her. It would be different if she had something intelligent and honest to say instead of such blind support. If her husband was cheating on her you can damn sure bet that she'd want to know all of the details-or if her doctor had killed a few people she wouldn't blindly support the Doctor just because she'd been seeing him for a couple of years. How blind can she be?? It just shows her immaturity and her complete lack of awareness about this election and our country. This isn't a popularity contest people this is our country!

Anonymous said...

Elisabeth--like on 'Survivor,
the tribe has spoken. You are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth has her self-righteous head so far up her own ass, she refuses to accept ANYTHING but her own opinion, religion, and political stance. I truly despise close-minded, brain-washed cunts like her. America is full of them.

Anonymous said...

ummm hasselbeck doesn't believe in abortion (the killing of a life) so you slam her. then you go and theoretically say it is sick for them to cut baby heads abortion that is PRETTY MUCH WHAT THEY DO.
oh and "anonymous"?
do US all a favor and move to communistic cuba!

Anonymous said...

the latest one that has commented. You stupid dumb republican, you have you head so far upp your ass just like Elisabeth does.

Adam Ahlquist said...

Please don't get rid of her. Then there wouldn't be anything good to look at on The View.


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