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October 7, 2008

Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fight on The View

Wow, the getting's good on The View. While I was certain that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was going to get fired, it finally donned on me that they would never fire her because she's the one drawing in the ratings.

On October 7, 2008, Sherri Shepherd lost her mind on Elisabeth Hasselbeck after she called Reverend Wright a hate monger. Sherri Shepherd literally went postal and Elisabeth Hasselbeck told her to relax because Sherri Shepherd was waving her fingers and contorting her head while freaking our on Elisabeth.

Finally, Barbara Walters told them all to shut the hell up and look at the facts instead of the minutaie. It was nothing short of terrific.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for Elisabeth having her view, but can she just once admit that McCain/Palin aren't perfect? She sounds like she is reading directly from the McCain website or a FOX news transcript when defending her beliefs. Her biggest gaffe in my opinion is when she was asked clearly to defend her position on Palin and she countered with a question regarding Obama. A classic sign of got'cha moment.

Anonymous said...

It's time for Elisabeth to pack up her makeup kit and leave the show.

She needs to be fired. Barbara looks like she's ready to do it. Someone said that Hasselbeck's rants are like a Cuisinart with the top off set to puree. She's just a shill for the GOP now and I expect she'll end up over on FOXnews.

Anonymous said...

Elisabeth does a great job of handling three against one. I will leave Whoopi out Ithink she tries to stay neutral. Todays fight obvoiusly hit nerve. Both Sherri and Joy had such ignorant come backs. "Your watching too much Hannity" Whats that about. I will tell you I have been watching The View for years... I can tell you I will never quote any of the crap thats going on that show. I don't want anyone telling me that I have been watching too much of The View, I would be embarassed... Guess what ladies you just lost my vote. I'm turning the channel.

mamagg said...

I wouldn't mind hearing from people that I don't necessarily agree with, but Elisabeth makes it soooo very easy to NOT agree with her. Her self-righteous attitude and unyielding ideals are an insult to my intelligence. If I were to stop my daily viewing of the View, it would be because I had reached the end of my patience with this pouting, rich, white girl.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing, that its the liberal opinion is the only one opinion allowed tobe right on the view. Elisabeth, there are others out there that have your beliefs. Its hard today to be a conservative. I am glad we have a voice too. P.S. I am so sick of Joy rolling her eyes and making faces. Ican get that immatur response from a thirteen year old. In my view the view has become too biased.

Anonymous said...

Elisabeth puts up with a lot each & every day as she waits for the others to pounce on her. The show is a total liberal commercial. As for our money crunch, just think of how that campaign money would help. $24,000 a plate fundraiser for Obama? Shameful.. I am much more worried about an inexperienced person running for president than I am vice president. I pray the people come to their senses soon.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth needs to really learn this countries history and maybe she could understand that many people can be negative about this country but not hate. The Rev. was from a time my parents grew up in. He saw racism and felt its card blanche affects. Sheri needs to chill out and remember everyone just won't get it. As for Whoopie good question about the constitution. I would have gone a little further with the state rights thing. Forget 400 years ago with slavery, how about 1950 with state issued Jim Crow Laws?

Anonymous said...

I agree with those saying it's the way she argues things, not necessarily her beliefs. I think the show needs women with different political views on here, but it would be much more interesting to see an articulate conservative in her position.

The worst thing is she always tries to disguise her beliefs as something she's come up with independently instead of pure regurgitation. She never even admits well I like this person because I'm a republican and so are they, and they believe in what I do. I'd respect her so much more if she did and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Instead she always makes it sound like 'you know, I was just doing some thinking and I don't like that Hillary Clinton' or 'hmm, I really think Sarah Palin has great character'.

She should also admit though that her party is flawed, as the others regularly do.

AND she rarely makes logical arguments. She often attacks instead of explaining her point of view. A few days ago Barbara was being neutral asking can't she concede that both sides engage in smear tactics and that's wrong? Elisabeth's answer? A sulky 'but it's true!' (referring to what McCain/Palin are saying about Obama).

Barbara then quieted everyone and calmed Elisabeth down and let her have the floor, asking her to please tell us why she thinks Palin is qualified (because Elisabeth had not been arguing why, just kept going on the offensive by attacking Obama/Biden and everyone was frustrated beyond belief). Elisabeth answered 'How is Obama qualified?!' The audience actually booed.

There are plenty of conservatives in that audience (as evidenced by what they cheer at sometimes) but you could tell the audience was just frustrated with the WAY she answers/argues things. It's shocking that she would think that could be a good answer, but especially when Barbara is trying very hard to get her to get her away from answering like that.

Anonymous said...

Also, I should add she is frighteningly hypocritical. In her moments of 'you know I just happen not to like that Hillary/Barrack, not because I'm a toe-the-line Republican or anything', she often brings up points utterly contradictory to what she says about the Republican candidates. Here she says someone's past matters, I'm sure I've heard her argue it doesn't with those she backs. There are also points on Palin/H. Clinton I've heard her be an utter hypocrite on, though I can't readily think of examples off the top of my head. Suffice to say they are pretty easy to find if you watch a few View videos.

Anonymous said...

Everytime Elizabeth is trying to make a valid point, they interrupt her which makes it look like she has to yell out her comments. (but it seems to be the only way she can be heard when it's three against one.Sherri needs a tranquilizer and Joy needs to go see the wizard for a new brain. You go Elizabeth! we're proud of you standing your ground!

Anonymous said...

I really hope my point of view
is posted. It seems all the
comments you post are for
elisabeth come ON now. Sherri,joy
and whoopi don't need a
tranquilizer. Elisabeth does
It's like the comments posted
and the views that are made and
this one really got me. She wore
a T-Shirt supporting her person
of choice and before any one could
wear an Obama shirt. It was ended
Elisabeth again, got to do what
she wanted and no one else could
express their view. So, my view
you need a conservative person
who can have an open mind and
articulate the view of why they
feel the person they back is the
one and why. Sherri,Joy,Whoopi
should be able to express their
view without fear of being fired
as others have been in the past
for not letting Elisabeth get away
with just her views. Come ON
Ms. Walters and Mr whoever the
man I feel just hated Ms. jones.
Give others a chance to express
their views also, Is this not
what the show is about. You
should rename it Elisabeth Hasselbeck 'VIEWS ONLY. I"AM

Elisabeth hasselbeck hair said...

oh, the video was taken down! I really would have wanted to see this one, I want to see the head contortions and finger wagging LOL


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