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October 20, 2008

Celebrity Flaw of the Day - Tara Reid Cellulite

We all know that Tara Reid is a trainwreck, but it seems that her partying ways have aged her immensely in the last little while. I guess a life of partying really does catch up with you quickly.

We're al well aware of Tara Reid's botched breast and liposuction job, but did you also know that she has more cellulite than you could shake a stick at?

I know, it's not as comforting as hearing that, say, Angelina Jolie was riddled with cellulite, but nevertheless, I'll take it and run with it and you should do the same. I mean, Tara Reid is a quasi-celebrity and you could have her at your front doorstep for only a couple of grand from what I hear.

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