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November 12, 2008

Joe Jonas Dating Camilla Belle

Joe Jonas and his incredibly thick eyebrows recently dumped Taylor Swift over the phone
and now word has it that he's dating older actress Camilla Belle. Wow, for a virgin, he sure does get around.

Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle seem to be a good fit because she has very high moral standards. I'm not sure if that means that she's a virgin, per se, but it does mean that she likely respects the fact that he is.

Stay tuned as Joe Jonas, Camilla Belle and their lusciously thick eyebrows get entangled in a web of non-sexual canoodling.

In an interview in March 2008, Joe Jonas confessed that he loved Camilla Belle and wanted to marry her, so this setup has been in the works for a while now. Check out the video below.


Anonymous said...

He is an IDIOT!
Do you actually think he is still a virgen?
These Jonas Brothers are getting extremely horneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
going from one girl to the next.
He is just like any other man-dog.
Will Mommy approve this time of this girl? Mommy might think she might teach baby Joe a little .

Anonymous said...

duh hes still a virgin, idiot who posted above me. Taylor Swift hung up on him after 25 seconds. he tried to call back but she never answered. so what if he goes for another girl? im glad hes going for girls with high moral standards. =] as long as hes happy! <3joejonas!!

Anonymous said...

of course they're virgens!!!! people who really think they're not are so so so stupid!!! and if he wants to date camilla, what's the matter? I think they're a great couple....and forget taylor, she's so over, and camilla is so much pretty than her.... I love joe jonas!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

of course they're virgens!!!! people who really think they're not are so so so stupid!! and I think Joe and Camilla are a great couple! forget taylor...she's so over, plus, Camilla is so much pretty than her...

Anonymous said...

First comment, needs to shut up.
He is still a virgin so are
Nick and Kevin. Joe deserves
any girl he likes. Camilla is beautiful, and Her and Joe are amazingly cute together.

I love the Jonas Brothers. ♥

Anonymous said...

i think that they have stuff in common and yes they are both virgins! i just think camilla looks to old for him and she does't seem free- spirited and adventorous like joe but if he likes her then good for him!

prettynpink said...

i totally agree with first comment... no way they can date that many girls and not have sex its just way to unlikely...
Of course he's just like any other hormonly driven guy. And even if Taylor did hang up on him he should have called her back or something but did he? NO!!! dirtbag. and for the record he reeeeeeeealllllly needs to pluck those caterpillars on his eyes seriously!!!!

Anonymous said...

oooo gosh of COUSE they are still virgins just because u arent a fan doesnt mean u should say stuff like that

Anonymous said...

WTF, some girl laughs like a fucking Alvin and the Chipmunk squirrel. Obviously they were thinking the same thing cos they were thinking Chip N Dale, when they said it not Chippendales.


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