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December 18, 2008

Barack Obama Smoking Weed?

Some might think that a picture of a college-going Barack Obama smoking weed (if that is what he's doing) would hurt him, but in this day and age, anyone who smokes weed is "super cool." And Barack Obama is no different. Hell, look how popular Bill Clinton became after he admitted that he "didn't inhale."

Barack Obama could've been sniffing cocaine off the backsides of male prostitutes and the public would still manage to spin it into a positive. "Man, he wants to help Colombia AND he's all for gay rights. Yes, we, can!"

Barack Obama looks pretty cool in this picture, rocking his afro and all. And the fact that he's holding a smoke like it's a big ol' joint only makes him as normal as anyone who has ever attended college. Yes, weed, can!


Anonymous said...

Drugs are NOT cool & neither is Barrack Hussein Obama.

Anonymous said...

You're not cool, boner.

I'd blaze chron with Barrie any day.

Anonymous said...

Smoking weed is underrated. You automatically become a better person after you smoke it.

fuck the government said...

Weed is not a drug. Stop listening to what you hear on t.v. and grow up idiot. Barrack Obama is way cooler than you. He probably does shrooms as well. The ultimate enlightenment. Maybe the first dude should do some shrooms so he can realize what life's really about. I bet that dude worries about money all day long. WEED.

Anonymous said...

well I'm not gonna say that weed isn't a drug, but there's nothing wrong with Obama smokin' some weed.

I would love to trip shrooms with Obama

Anonymous said...

What a double standard America has.

Punish Michael Phelps.

Elect Barack Obama, and put him on a pedestal for being supercool.

Are you that high that you don't even see the hypocrisy here?

Let's hope the idiot isn't high for the next attacks on the country.

Anonymous said...

id smoke a joint with barack obama and michael phelps anyday

Anonymous said...

Look at how awesome smoking weed at the Parliament worked for Ali G.

If Obama can just get everybody to smoke together then I bet we could find world peace.

Obama just has to remember one thing ... Puff it && pass it!!!!

Anonymous said...

barak obama is the best pres ever..i love him..and alot of ppl make mistakes and try weed when they are young..weed is actually better for you than smoking cigarettes..and it helps cure cancer..

Anonymous said...

"What a double standard America has.

Punish Michael Phelps.

Elect Barack Obama, and put him on a pedestal for being supercool.

Are you that high that you don't even see the hypocrisy here?

Let's hope the idiot isn't high for the next attacks on the country."
we didnt punish him, he compony did, everyone didnt want him ot be punished.

cait said...

you really do become a better person when you smoke weed. all those anti-pot commercials are bullshit.
i wouldn't doubt obama smokes pot...who doesn't these days??
and even if he does, i'm sure he's gonna do alot better as a president than any of the other lame ass straight-edge ones.

and i agree with fuck the government on the shroom subject.

Missingxtension said...

that is funny, its not the fact that he was smoking weed. But look at the picture, its black and white. Back then even senators and presidents were sniffing coke and having wild parties.

Anonymous said...

i fucking hate druggies. hope you all die.

Piccone said...

hugs and drugs go hand in hand haha to hell with all you closed minded thinkers out there!

Quint said...

If Obama publicly stated that he smokes it up. I'd go right up to the White House with a big spliff and say, "Get out here and help me with this Mr. President"

You know why they won't legalize it. Because they know that once people legalize it they won't want to fight over anything. Not to say they'll stop working because plenty of alcoholics still go to work and why? So they can pay for their fix. However we all know that people wouldn't be on the street begging for change so they can go buy a dime because weed isn't addictive.

Nonetheless FUCK all you uptight conservative capitalists that think you can control the lives of everyone around you. You can't, we will win the Revolution once it gets into full swing. We being the proletariat.

Happy 420 you sane Patriotic Americans that love your weed.

Anonymous said...

if weed is not legal by the end of my lifetime, i will have lost faith in mankind-Seth Rogan. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you don't like weed, then don't smoke it. I say legalize it.

Anonymous said...

bitch !?! weed is no drug. weed is grown from the earth not cooked up with baking soda or mixed with cough syrup!
marijuana is an herb and should be used like one, seeing that addiction is not possible with weed.

Anonymous said...

so peaceful, so serene. Nothing bad can come from a bowl pack of high grade headies. I don't understand people who reject the idea of using weed as a positive influence on everyday life. I, personally, do not believe in a god. They say that if there is a god, he must love everything green. Most radical christians are conservatives. The power-hungry christian conservatives who constantly attempt to infringe upon the innocent weed smoker's lifestyle. If these republicans claim to hold their faith in god close to their hearts, then I do not understand why they do not accept the fact that cannabis is a very beautiful thing and it is on this earth for a reason: to bring inspiration and provoke positive thoughts within the minds of ALL people. So in conclusion, if there was a god, he would be a strong supporter of the herb. God would LOVE weed.

If us weed smokers want to see weed legalized in our life time, we need to unite and spread the word. Get more groups of people on our side.

Why not get the christians on our side?

If they are stupid enough to believe in god, it will be easy to convince them THE REASONS WHY GOD WOULD LOVE WEED and WHY IT SHOULD BE LEGAL. There are many christians in our government. If christians begin recognizing weed as "a peaceful gift from god", the legalization process would be in full swing very swiftly.

Anonymous said...

god bless weed. it makes me happy to see so many ppl sticking up for it. about one in three americans toke up at least occasionally, whether they admit it or not. FUCK all this controversy and stop trying to control us! this is america damnit. let us get high without having to look over our shoulders every time we do

Anonymous said...

Is weed seriously a drug? I mean its a natural herb it grows like the grass and the trees and what have you, yet people are out there on meth and popping pills and the government is more focused on the fact that they can't tax a plant. The only thing wrong with Marijuana is in school in fifth grade or so the D.A.R.E. program well this is throwing the young kids off. Weed isn't as bad as some make it sound, and it does not impair your ability to drive, walk, or talk. Some people are just idiots and pretend to let that do it but truth is, it is mind over matter, and if you don't mind it don't matter. LEGALIZE WEED OBAMA!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody is made cooler or better after smoking weed. This is a common misconception that hyperactive prepubescent kids have, knowing no real facts about the plant and having never used it. This notion stems mainly from the fact threat marijuana is still illegal and much of the younger generation are still using it as a way to dissent from their parents. If you're willing to grow up, though, you realize that most people have used or continually use pot and that it's not really that big of a deal.

Marijuana is not a harmful substance, as it's been noted time and again. It is in fact one of the most beneficial and therapeutically active substances in the world. Many people need it daily for medical reasons, like the recurrent nausea and lack of appetite caused by AIDS, or even just to get to sleep at night.

Nobody would spin a story about Barack doing lines into a positive because chemical drugs such as cocaine aren't even in the same ballpark as marijuana. Anyone with half a brain can see that in the 21st century. and anyone who tokes responsibly could easily see the massive flaws in your argument.

McGehee said...

Kumbaya, lord! {{{inhale}}} Kumbaya!


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